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Senior React/Node.js Developer

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Senior React/Node.js Developer FOR HIRE




As a Senior Software Engineer, you’ll develop and maintain our full-stack app with frontend and backend opportunities. We build our app with React Native and aggregate data from our data warehouse and CRM teams with AWS serverless Node.js Lambdas. Feature development will include creating the ability to view solar systems, EV chargers, impact reporting, billing systems, and much more.

On a day-to-day basis, someone in this position might attend a few strategic planning meetings, but will spend most of their time designing solutions to problems through code; planning with tech leads; collaborating with other developers; debugging any issues that have been prioritized; and researching ways to improve process and infrastructure.

What will you work on?

  • Help establish the standards for the team in areas of technical excellence
  • Work collaboratively with Tech Leadership and Product Management to develop applications that can be tested easily and will perform well under a variety of conditions
  • Champion adherence to best practice development methodologies
  • Mentor and build skills across the team through effective standards setting, code reviews, and pairing
  • Facilitate automated testing so all teams can innovate at a rapid pace

What skills and experience are we looking for?

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience developing complex enterprise applications with JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Experience in mobile application design and implementation; experience with React, Native Android/IOS, or React Native is a big plus
  • Experience building and troubleshooting multi-layered backend systems built with Node frameworks
  • Skilled in SQL and NoSQL data stores such as BigQuery, Elastic, DynamoDB, and Redis
  • Strong knowledge of HTML5 (DOM, markup, browser APIs) and CSS3 (SASS preprocessor, OOCSS, modular)
  • Skilled with writing unit and integration tests in JavaScript using Jest or Playwright
  • Ability to work with JS build/task runners like Webpack, Gulp, Grunt and NPM run scripts
  • Strong knowledge of Git-based version control, branching strategies, merging, and rebasing
  • Knowledge of automation for continuous integration and deployment
  • Familiarity with cloud-based infrastructures like AWS, GCP, or Azure. Preference for AWS with experience in S3, CloudFront, Lambdas, API Gateway
  • Performance optimization experience including browser page rendering, network traffic, and back-end system tuning
  • Bias toward mentorship and skill-building
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good team player

Are there any other requirements?

Fully remote position, but the team starts at 10:30 CT. A minimum of 5 hours of overlap is required


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