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Hiring affordable, high-quality talent with TRUSS can be the glimmer of hope your company needs in these turbulent times. We have top performing vetted talent for your company to hire at a third of the cost in the United States. TRUSS handles all of the recruiting, vetting and global payroll so your company just gets to do what they do best… running their company. 

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    Our clients love us, because we make them the hero of the company strategy meeting.

    • “The speed to great talent was better than any company we’ve worked with”

      Shane Page, VP of Engineering


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    • “Having worked with TRUSS in the past, I knew they were the best solution in finding expert, technical talent as we continue to innovate within our benefits technology. We have a high standard here at Businessolver and the candidates they presented will help us deliver delight and grow our business as we continue to prepare for what’s next…”

      Greg Reynolds, CTO


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    • “Truss provides us with a talented pool of IT professionals. We have seen some great progress in our start-up environment with the help from a Truss resource. The amount of value is incredible!”

      Dave Brant, Director of Human Resources


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