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Truss is your gateway to finding world-class tech talent from emerging markets, with an easy-to-use platform for hiring, managing and paying your team

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The Truss Platform

Review Candidates, Onboard, and
Manage Your Team With Ease

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Review Vetted Candidates

Receive pre-screened candidates directly sent to you via our platform, review their profiles, and submit feedback.

Easily Onboard New Hires

Our platform provides a user-friendly interface that guides new hires through necessary steps, allowing them to quickly integrate.

Seamlessly Manage Your Remote Team

Never miss global holidays or an employees’s day off with our platform. Plus, we guarantee on-time and compliant payroll every month.

World-Class Talent at a Fraction of The Cost

Source the Best Talent
in Untapped Markets

Through our IT partnerships, advanced technology, and local expertise, we effortlessly connect you with the finest talent in untapped markets, all at a competitive cost.


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Skills & Positions We Hire

Covering Your Tech Stack: From Front-End to Back-End

We recruit skilled developers in various tech domains: web technologies like Javascript, Typescript, React and Angular, mobile technologies including React Native and Kotlin, server-side technologies such as Node.js, Java, Python, .NET, Ruby on Rails, and GoLang. Additionally, we cover areas like UI/UX design, product management, data engineering, generative AI, DevOps, and more.

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Our Process

Leave the Recruiting, Hiring, and Payroll to us!

Truss provides continuous support, even after you find the perfect match.

We Meet 1:1 With Your Hiring Manager

to get your requirements and a detailed portrait of the ideal candidate(s)

Candidates to Review Within a Few Days!

Pre-screened candidates are sent directly to you through our platform with an initial screening video

Technical Interview With Candidates

After you’ve reviewed candidate profiles, we assist in setting up technical interviews with candidates

You’ve Hired a New Employee!

We facilitate onboarding, contracts, device procurement, and benefits for new hires

We Handle Monthly Global Payroll

We make sure your team is paid accurately and on time

Hear from Our Clients

The Word About Truss

Our clients love us, because we make them the hero of the company strategy meeting.

  • “The speed to great talent was better than any company we’ve worked with”

    Shane Page, VP of Engineering


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  • “Having worked with TRUSS in the past, I knew they were the best solution in finding expert, technical talent as we continue to innovate within our benefits technology. We have a high standard here at Businessolver and the candidates they presented will help us deliver delight and grow our business as we continue to prepare…

    Greg Reynolds, CTO


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  • “Truss provides us with a talented pool of IT professionals. We have seen some great progress in our start-up environment with the help from a Truss resource. The amount of value is incredible!”

    Dave Brant, Director of Human Resources


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Join the diverse range of businesses, from startups to established enterprises, partnering with Truss

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Get to Know Us Better

Learn More About Truss

We’re Truss – We’re not a recruiting agency or a dev shop; we seamlessly connect companies with emerging talent markets. We provide comprehensive solutions to build, manage and retain your new global teams.

We aim not only to optimize cost-effectiveness in the hiring process but also to extend valuable opportunities to talented individuals in various corners of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

The company (you) hiring talent enters into a contract with Truss. Truss signs employment contracts with each of the employees localized to their country of employment. Truss sends one monthly invoice to the hiring company.

Truss assists in hiring full-time employees that seamlessly integrate into companies’ missions and teams, just like traditional full-time hiring in one’s local market. Truss manages all of the complexities of global hiring and even goes the extra length to allow both parties to learn each other’s culture. We hire in markets where opportunities aren’t as plentiful which increases cost effectiveness and reduces attrition.

As part of the client onboarding process, we help clients determine the working hours all candidates need to agree to before the interview process. The majority of candidates in the markets we hire are open to working non-traditional hours in order to gain new opportunities.

To onboard global full-time employees in a compliant manner, establishing an entity in the employee’s country of work is necessary, which can be both time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, managing this entity requires hiring a director and accountant for efficient operation, alongside understanding local hiring practices and employment regulations. Truss handles all of this.

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