Remote Tech Talent Solution

Grow Your Tech Team Globally at a Fraction of the Cost

At Truss, we provide a comprehensive solution for hiring, managing, and paying top-tier remote tech professionals, tailored to your business needs – all at an affordable cost.

    The Challenges of Hiring Top Tech Talent

    Finding and Hiring Tech
    Can Be a Challenge

    Using a Recruiting Agency: High Upfront Costs & Competitive Markets

    • Finding/vetting the right agency can be a time suck
    • Talent pool can be very limited and costly especially in competitive markets
    • High recruiting fees when finally finding a hire ~ 20% average upfront fee

    Recruiting Alone: High Costs & More Time

    • Many hours spent recruiting, screening, and interviewing 
    • Longer hiring cycle – 1-3 months on average for US hires
    • Limited talent pool, especially if only looking in the US

    Using Contractors: Lack of Quality Control & Long Term Commitment

    • Not fully your team member & no long term commitments
    • Hard to control working hours and time-zone differences
    • Rising costs in more competitive markets

    Hiring Globally: Dealing With Global Payroll, Benefits, and Employment Laws

    • Opening own entity is expensive and time consuming
    • Tax implications, compliance, and benefits administration is complex
    • Navigating international employment laws is difficult and time consuming
    The Truss Solution

    Truss Makes It Easy & Seamless to Hire Global Remote Tech Talent

    We Find and Hire The Best Talent in Untapped Markets

    We specialize in connecting you with eager, long-term committed talent from emerging, less competitive regions. Leveraging our IT partnerships and local expertise, we handle all the recruiting and vetting and provide you with top-tier professionals at stable, competitive costs.

    No Upfront Recruiting Fees

    Unlike typical agencies, we eliminate hefty upfront recruiting fees. Our pricing model incorporates all costs into a manageable monthly fee, covering our recruiting efforts, device procurement, benefits, payroll, and support.

    We Manage Global Payroll, Benefits, and Local Employment Laws

    We expertly navigate the complexities of international employment laws, contracts, and benefits on your behalf. We manage global payroll, ensuring compliance and accuracy, so you can focus on your core business without any additional burden.

    Easy to Use Recruiting and Management Platform

    Truss’s platform simplifies recruiting, streamlines onboarding, and enhances team management. It allows easy review of vetted candidates, seamless integration of new hires, and provides a comprehensive overview of your team’s essential details.

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    The Truss Process

    How It Works

    Share your business needs and requirements
    Review candidates within a few days!
    Technical interview with hiring manager
    You’ve hired a new employee!
    Monthly global payroll and ongoing support
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    Meet with our head of recruiting

    Book a focused consultation with our hiring manager. In this one-on-one meeting, we explore your hiring needs, requirements, tech stack preferences, and the characteristics of your ideal candidates, ensuring a customized recruitment approach.

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    Review vetted candidates in the Truss platform

    After your 1:1 with our hiring manager, we begin to recruit potential candidates and conduct initial interviews. Candidates, along with a screening video, are swiftly shared via the Truss platform within a few days.

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    Move forward with interviewing candidates directly

    After carefully reviewing the matched candidates and their respective screening videos, we provide support to hiring managers in coordinating a comprehensive technical interview with your company’s dedicated internal team, facilitating a smooth hiring process.

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    Onboard your new Truss hire

    Once you find the perfect candidate for your needs, Truss takes over the intricate details. We manage localized employment contracts, streamline the onboarding process, oversee device procurement, and administer benefits.

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    Experience Hassle-Free Payroll and Team Support with Truss

    We manage all invoicing, ensuring your team is paid accurately and on time. Our support extends throughout your team collaboration, assisting with further onboarding, team scaling, replacements, and addressing any arising questions.

    Skills & Positions We HIRE

    From Front-End to Back-End: Extensive Tech Stack Coverage

    .Net Developer
    Graphic Designer
    UI/UX Designer
    SEO Specialist
    Product Owner
    Project Manager
    Full-Stack Developer
    Data Analyst
    C#/.Net Developers
    Dev Ops Engineer
    Solution Architect
    Senior Front-End Developer
    Junior Front-End Developer
    Python Developer
    React Native Developer
    QA Engineer
    React/Node.JS Developer
    Golang Developer
    Senior React/Typescript Developer
    PHP Developer
    Senior Azure DevOps