What makes Truss different

Take a look around, and you might find other businesses that seem to do the same thing we do. The idea of hiring remote workers in other countries may be a relatively new thing, but the space has grown quickly, and though Truss is a new competitor in the field, the story isn’t as simple as that. Truss is different in more ways than one.

Our Key Differentiators


The people at Truss didn’t just start with the idea of hiring globally. They actually built a successful business by doing it. Entrepreneur Eric Hoopman and co-conspirator Farrukh Umarov started a business in Oshkosh Wisconsin but in doing so they also created an entity in Kaliningrad Russia.

Farrukh, a Uzbekistani himself, already knew the benefits of working with experienced developers from the Eastern Bloc. The struggle came when trying to navigate the laws involved in legally employing a team from another country.

Building that bridge across borders took a lot of work, both groundwork and ongoing work, but the relationships that were built are priceless. Farrukh and Eric still work with many of those great people to this day, and some of them are even directly involved in Truss. We want to open up the world to you, and we have the experience necessary to do it.


You’ve seen some of the other guys. They tell you they can offer entities in over 180 countries. They are promising you the world (literally), but there is more to that story too. Most are only just realizing the benefits of working with countries like Russia and are only recently opening up entities there.

We’ve been working in Russia for over a decade, and that means something. Not only do we have an established entity, but we have years of experience navigating employment laws, building competitive packages, and more. We are never going to offer generic Employer of Record services in over 180 countries, but we are going to offer the best Employer of Record services in the countries that we choose to work with.

Our focus is currently on Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Georgia with more to come. By remaining specialized in one part of the world, we can focus on doing things the right way instead of just doing them. The Eastern Bloc has some of the world’s best programmers and developers, and many of them are just waiting to get to work for someone like you.


The smaller region that we have dedicated ourselves to also makes for more personalized service. We know these areas, we know how to work with the people, build meaningful connections, and we know how to get the resources you need.

At Truss, we believe in a white-glove approach. When you begin with us you will be matched with a dedicated account manager who will not only assist you with the initial onboarding process but will be there to support you and your business as your needs grow or change. Think of your account manager as two parts global hiring expert and one part life coach. With them working for you, you’re going to get the personalized touch you need.