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You have made the decision to hire remote employees abroad – but where do you start? U.S.-based tech companies that choose to hire international employees have four options to get the job done – create a local entity, use an Employer of Record (EOR) service, hire international contractors, or employ a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) – each with its own pros and cons.

Tech companies that are interested in an efficient and cost-effective way to hire remote employees across the globe will find that an employer of record is the right choice – and we tend to agree here at Truss. No matter where you choose to hire tech employees – Central Asia, Eastern Europe, or Central Europe – an employer of record will provide the support that you need to hire, onboard, and manage employees. 

U.S.-based tech companies that have decided to hire remote employees in Europe will find that Poland provides an incredible talent pool to hire from and an employer of record is the first step to finding the perfect fit for your team. You may not know how to hire an employee through an EOR in Poland and Truss can help.

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Why Choose an EOR in Poland?

Affordable, efficient, and effective – an employer of record is the most reliable choice for tech companies that want to hire in Poland and Central Europe. While there is no doubt that each method used by companies to hire global remote employees has its advantages and disadvantages, we think that you will find that an employer of record is the right choice.

Here is a better look at the benefits that go hand in hand with an employer of record service in Poland:

Compliance with Labor Laws

The key benefit of an employer of record – in any country – is that it will ensure you remain compliant with local labor laws in the country of employment. Local labor laws can be complicated for the uninitiated and an employer of record removes that stress and helps you avoid financial penalties.

More Cost Effective

An employer of record service will help companies save money in setup costs and salaries when compared to other methods of hiring remote global employees – like creating a local entity, hiring a PEO, or hiring international contractors.

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More Efficient

When you hire abroad, you will find it entails a mountain of paperwork that takes time and effort. An employer of record will help you manage the paperwork and ensure you check all the boxes and remain compliant with labor laws. In addition to helping you save time on paperwork, an employer of record service will help onboard employees and save you time with that process.

More Flexible

Are you looking for a full-time software developer? Do you need to add a part-time IT specialist to your team? Maybe you want to employ an international contractor for a specific project? An employer of record service is a flexible option that can help you find the right fit for your company, no matter what that may be.

Easy to Expand 

With an employer of record on your side, you have support in place for hiring, onboarding, and managing remote employees – which is an advantage when you want to add additional employees to your team – and it can be done easily.

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Guide to Hiring with an EOR

Now that you have made the decision to use an employer of record to grow your international team and find talented remote employees in Poland – you may be asking how that process works. Truss is here to help answer your questions about the employer of record process with a quick step-by-step overview.

  1. Set Your Goals – When you approach the hiring process, the first thing you need to do is decide what positions you need to hire, what skills and experience your employee needs to have, and what your goals are.
  2. Find an EOR Provider – An employer of record is more than just a service, it is a partner in your business that will help you drive success with your remote team – which means finding the right provider is vital to that success. Tech companies hiring in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, or Central Asia will find few better partners than Truss.
  3. Find the Right People – When you have found an EOR provider that fits your expectations, it is time to create an EOR contract and find the right person to add to your team. Truss will work hand in hand with your team to find qualified employment candidates that meet all of your parameters.
  4. Onboard Employees – The onboarding process can be complicated when you have remote employees that live and work across the globe. The right employer of record provider will remove that stress, handle the onboarding process, and draw up an employment contract that is compliant with the local labor laws.

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Hire in Poland with Truss

Hiring international remote employees can be complicated and you may not know where to start. An employer of record is the solution to your problems and Truss is a premier EOR provider in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Truss has the knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect addition to your global workforce as your employer of record partner and we hope this overview of how to hire an employee through an EOR in Poland will help get you started.

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