Someone convinced you that growing a global team is the right move. We hope it was us, but even if it wasn’t it’s still good to find more people who’ve seen the light. But now what? It may seem like you have a lot of options out there, but you should be asking a few questions when it comes to whom you make that special partnership with. Learn what to consider when partnering with a remote talent expert with some expert tips from Truss.

Flexible Recruiting and Hiring Process

When you’ve hired people in the United States, you had ultimate control over the hiring process at least within the bounds of the law. Maybe you had processes to vette people, tests, or even that one quirky question that somehow always told you if the candidate would be a good fit. For some, it’s important that those processes remain as intact as possible, others would rather leave things to their partners.

Many global talent experts have their own processes that they want to follow, and this is where the trouble lies. Their processes may clash with yours or you may lose control of the process entirely. Other “experts” may not help you at all. This can be good for some, but not ideal for most.

How Truss Handles Recruiting and Hiring

Truss is a bit different. You can say that again. Truss is a bit different. We didn’t mean that literally, but you get the idea. At Truss, support isn’t just in the name, it’s a part of our core beliefs. We want to support you in your global hiring. If you need us to locate and vette candidates, then we can do that for you. If you want to vette on your own, that’s fine. If you want to handle the entire process from beginning to end and just use us as your employer of record, that is perfectly fine too. You’re steering the ship, we are just the rudder, here to follow your directions and keep things moving.

Experts in Law and Culture

When you are searching for a global remote talent expert, you’ll find a lot of companies that claim to be experts, but let’s just put it this way, if they were all chefs, very few of them have ever tasted their own cooking. You wouldn’t want to eat at their restaurants, would you?

Laws are one thing—and yes, it’s very important to follow the laws—but culture is a whole other animal. Many so-called experts don’t know the first thing about the culture of the countries they have entities in, and what’s more, they don’t care. To them, a country is just a new marketplace, a new source of revenue.

How Much Expertise Does Truss Have?

When it comes to following the laws, we have a clean record. We may speed a little bit getting to work, but when it comes to international law, we know it backwards and forwards, we follow it to the letter, and we track its changes like a hawk.

At Truss, we are all about the culture. We’ve grown an internal culture that is integrated with people across borders and oceans. We understand the cultures of the countries we have entities in because we actually work with people from these countries every day. That’s right, we are the rare chef in this industry that tastes our own cooking.

How Long Have They Been Hiring 

There’s a race to global remote talent right now. Many remote hiring companies are hitting the ground running and opening as many entities as they can as fast as they can. This means they haven’t been hiring for long and don’t have a lot of experience doing so. This also means when it comes to onboarding and hiring for you, they stand a good chance of running into roadblocks and complications for the first time, slowing down for you what was supposed to be a fast solution.

How Long Has Truss Been Hiring

Want to know what kind of experience Truss has? We’re glad you asked. It would almost be rude if you didn’t. Truss is a relatively new company, and we don’t hide from that fact, but the people behind Truss have been utilizing global teams in many countries, including Uzbekistan, for decades to build other companies. That’s what made us begin Truss in the first place. We know how well this can work! This is just another reason you should count on us to be your remote talent expert for global hiring.