Where Should You Hire Your Global Team: Central Asia vs Latin America?

If you are looking to grow your global team, then you need to consider which country or region you want to hire from. India used to be the big thing, but people grew dissatisfied with the quality of work, the turnover rate, and the rising employment costs. Now Latin America seems to be the big draw, but we are here to tell you why you should be considering Central Asia and we will compare the two regions directly.

Is there a Language Barrier in Latin America or Central Asia?

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Central Asia doesn’t have a ton of information available with language statistics. However, we do know that 85% of the population of Georgia (the country) speaks English and 22% of people in Kazakhstan are actually trilingual speaking not only Kazakh and Russian, but English too.

In our experience, nearly all of the candidates that we interview (and all of the hires that we provide for our partners) speak, write, and understand English fluently. Latin America paints a different picture. According to statistics, only 12% of the population of Mexico speaks English. Fewer still are able to write and read English.

How Does Central Asia Compare to Brazil?

Which is More Affordable: Central Asia or Latin America?

When it comes to tech hires, we can say that Central Asia is going to typically be a more affordable route for you. According to a recent report, the hourly rate for programmers in Latin America is between $45-65. That’s only a stone’s throw away from hires in the United States. That same report lists Central Asia far lower at $35-50.

Does Latin America Have a Tech Talent Shortage?

Before we talk about Latin America, let’s first consider Central Asia. In truth, right now most of the world is experiencing a tech talent shortage. That is, except in Central Asia. Central Asia is not only often overlooked for tech hiring, but regional events have led to a lot of tech workers migrating in the area that are newly available to hire. This has resulted in a talent surplus making it the perfect time to invest.

Latin America, on the other hand, is facing a shortage much like in the U.S. Recently a poll among tech companies who work in Latin America indicated that 64% suffered difficulty due to lack of talent and skills. Latin America is just beginning to develop its tech talent whereas Central Asia has been investing in tech for years.

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Does Latin America Have Any Advantages in Tech?

The one advantage that Latin America has, and it’s often cited as the reason many seek talent there is simply the time zones. For the most part, Latin American time zones line up nicely with time zones here in the States.

However, that should not be your only reason for choosing Latin America to grow your tech team. Moreover, the time zone difference could be seen as a benefit. Not only can asynchronous working methods make the impact of the time zone difference minimal, but working hours in Central Asia mean that your products can receive a majority of their updates and changes during off hours without having to worry about having tech talent work overnight. Moreover, if the time zone gap is still a concern, many hires are willing to work odd hours just to increase overlap with working hours in the states.

Conclusion: Central Asia Wins in Tech

If you are looking for tech hires, then Central Asia is going to be the clear source of great tech talent when compared to Latin America. This is true for all the reasons we’ve outlined above, but just to reiterate:

In Central Asia

  • There is less of a language barrier
  • Talent is more affordable
  • There is no talent shortage

Hire Your Tech Team from Central Asia Today With TRUSS

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