Georgia Payroll and Benefits Guide

The country of Georgia is a hot market for hiring. Despite a modest population, the proliferation of the English language, coupled with a growing population of migrant tech workers means there is actually a talent surplus, and you can tap into it. Give yourself some background knowledge and check out our Georgia payroll and benefits guide. 

Georgia Payroll Breakdown

The Georgia payroll breakdown is relatively simple. Employer contributions amount to 2% for a pension which is only applicable if the worker has a permanent residence in Georgia. Employee payroll contributions are the same at 2%. Employees are subject to a flat income tax at 20%. Georgia also does not institute a minimum wage.

Working Hours and Overtime in Georgia

Work weeks in Georgia mirror that of the US to some extent with five 8-hour days amounting to a 40-hour work week. Specific sectors are allowed to increase this workweek to 48 hours. All hours beyond the normal work week are to be paid as overtime. Pay for overtime hours is set at 150% of the basic salary.

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Georgia Benefits Breakdown

Holidays, vacation, and benefits are important to new employees, and you will want to make sure that you are following local laws. Don’t forget about the local public holidays of Georgia either. There are some holidays that are unique to the region and even unique to Georgia. 

Time Off and Vacation in Georgia

Holy Cathedral in Tbilisi Georgia

Georgia law gives full-time employees 24 working days of leave per year. After completion of 11 months of service, an additional 15 days of unpaid vacation leave may be taken. Employers can allow for vacation rollover for up to 2 consecutive years but only with the worker’s consent. In hazardous roles, workers may be eligible for an additional 10 paid days off per year.

Employers must pay a regular pay rate for sick days with a sickness certificate of up to 40 consecutive calendar days and up to 60 calendar days per 6-month period. Mothers are eligible for 126 days of maternity leave which is increased to 143 for those with complications or multiple births at 100% of their daily wage. Employees also receive 604 days of additional maternity leave. Up to 57 days can be taken from maternity leave and applied towards childcare leave. This leave can be taken by the mother or father.

How Termination is Handled in Georgia?

In Georgia, a 30-day notice period is required and that is true for both employee and employer and it must be provided in writing. No notice is required during the probationary period. The probationary period should be established in the employment contract and must not exceed 6 months.

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