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Tech companies based in the United States are always looking for new talent to add to their teams – and many companies have started to look for talent in emerging markets like Central Asia. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia are just a few examples of countries that continue to grow and flourish in the tech sector and they have become hotbeds of tech talent for companies that hope to hire remote software engineers, IT specialists, computer programmers, and software developers.

When you and your company decide to hire remote tech employees in Georgia, you may not know where to begin – and TRUSS is here to help. TRUSS provides a platform for tech companies that will help find, recruit, hire, manage, and pay remote employees in Central Asia. Tech companies that hire overseas can save on employment costs and it is important to understand the salary, vacation, sick leave, benefits, and overtime pay in the country where you choose to hire. TRUSS has created a Georgia overtime pay guide to help you get ahead of the curve with your global payroll.

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How Do Payroll and Overtime Pay Work in Georgia?

The Country of Georgia is home to more than 3.7 million people – and it is a country that continues to grow and flourish in the tech sector. TRUSS is here to help you find the talent that you need in Central Asia – but we are much more than a recruitment agency. We provide a comprehensive platform that will help you manage payroll for remote workers to ensure you are compliant with salary, overtime, vacation, and sick leave requirements in Georgia. 

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When you hire software engineers, software developers, IT professionals, and programmers in Georgia, it is important to understand how the salary works. Employees in Georgia are paid on a monthly cycle with payment typically on the last day of the month. Salary bonuses are paid at the employer’s discretion. Georgia does not have a government-mandated minimum wage – and the minimum wage is set by employers and employees via a collective bargaining agreement. The average monthly wage in Georgia is an estimated 1,804 Georgian Lari (GEL) – which is an estimated $665 USD per month with the current exchange rate. 

Tech companies that hire remote employees in Georgia will save money on salaries – but it is important to understand additional employment costs. Georgian employees work a standard five-day and 40-hour work week – which can be 48 hours in select jobs. When overtime is required, workers are paid 150% of their standard wage for any hours worked over 40 hours each week – unless specified by contract. Maximum overtime hours are regulated by written contracts. Full-time employees are afforded 24 days of paid vacation time each year and 15 unpaid vacation days.

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What Are Employer and Employee Costs in Georgia?

As an employer – it is important to understand the employment and employee costs prior to hiring a remote workforce. Employment and employee costs include taxes, pensions, and additional payroll contributions. The Country of Georgia possesses some of the lowest employee and employer costs on the global scale.

% ContributionContribution Type
2.00%Employer Pension Cost
2.00%Employee Pension Cost
20.00%Employee Income Tax

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How Can TRUSS Help Manage Payroll in Georgia?

Are you looking for the best talent possible to add to your tech company? Central Asia – and countries like Georgia – have become hotbeds for countries that want to recruit and hire a remote workforce. TRUSS can help. 

TRUSS has years of experience in Central Asia and a global team that can help you find, recruit, and hire talented tech professionals to fit your team. TRUSS has the capability to function as your employer of record in Georgia to help you manage payroll, overtime, vacation time, and remain compliant with local labor laws. 

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