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The evolution of the remote workforce has made it possible for U.S.-based tech companies to find elite tech talent in emerging markets across the globe – like Central Asia – and countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. Truss provides tech companies with a global recruiting, hiring, and management platform that will help you find the perfect fit for your remote global workforce – no matter what your needs may be.

Finding, recruiting, and hiring global tech talent is just the tip of the iceberg for tech companies interested in a remote global workforce. When you have found the right fit for your team with the help of Truss, you may still have questions about onboarding, management, and payroll – and Truss is here to help. Global payroll can prove to be complicated with many different local labor laws that your company must be in compliance with – and violation can mean legal or financial ramifications.

Uzbekistan is an emerging player in the global tech market and promises a wealth of talent for tech companies that want to build a remote international workforce. Tech companies interested in hiring in Central Asia can enlist the help of Truss for global payroll in Uzbekistan.

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How To Manage Global Payroll in Uzbekistan

Local labor laws in Central Asia and countries like Uzbekistan can make payroll complicated for tech companies with a remote workforce – but not with the help of Truss. Truss has the experience to serve as your all-in-one solution for global hiring with a platform that includes employer of record services. With an employer of record in Central Asia, you can ensure that you remain compliant with the local employment laws in the country.

Truss will help you find the right fit for your company and create a competitive pay and benefits package for remote employees in Central Asia and across the globe. When you partner with Truss, we will manage global payroll solutions to make sure that all of your global employees are paid on time and that everything is in accordance with the local labor laws.

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What Are the Payroll and Employment Costs in Uzbekistan?

Before you hire in Uzbekistan – it is important to understand the X’s and O’s of the payroll and employer costs. Truss has years of experience in Central Asia to help your company establish and understand payroll in Uzbekistan. Here is a quick look at the payroll and employment costs that go hand in hand with hiring remote tech talent in Uzbekistan.

  • Uzbekistan Currency – Uzbekistani So’m (UZS)
  • Exchange Rate –  1 U.S. Dollar = 12,705 UZS
  • Working Hours –  40 Hours Per Week
  • Payroll Frequency – Monthly
  • Overtime Pay – 200% of Regular Pay Rate
  • Employer Payroll Contributions – 12.10% Social Security and Pension
  • Employee Payroll Contributions – 25% Taxes, Social Security, and More
  • Annual PTO – 15 Days Per Year
  • Holidays – 10 Public Holidays Per Year
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Uzbekistan is an emerging market in Central Asia and the global economy that continues to put additional focus on the tech industry. Tech companies that hire in Uzbekistan need to know the ins and outs of the local labor laws and Truss can provide the resources and services you need as an employer of record. Not only will Truss help you manage payroll – we will ensure that there are no compliance issues with Uzbekistan labor laws. This allows you and your company to stay focused on success. 

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Why Choose Truss for Payroll Management and Employer of Record Services?

Payroll management can be complicated when you hire overseas – not with the help of Truss. Truss will ensure that remote employees you recruit and hire in Uzbekistan will receive competitive pay and benefits in the tech industry and we will ensure that your remote employees are paid on time each month.

Truss employer of record services are the other aspect of global payroll in Uzbekistan that will help ensure your success. Truss – as your employer of record – bears the brunt of the legal responsibility when you hire and pay employees in different parts of the world ensuring 100% compliance with the local employment laws. No hidden fees and transparent pricing are hallmarks of the Truss platform that many tech companies will love – with employment of record services that start at just $499 per month.

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