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Tech companies are always on the hunt for talented software engineers, developers, designers, and more – no matter where they may be. With the growth of tech-based companies across the globe, many U.S.-based companies have taken a closer look at emerging markets around the world. Uzbekistan represents one of the fastest growing economies in Central Asia and the world and with an emphasis on tech-based careers and skill sets, it has become a recruiting hotspot for tech companies that want to add talented remote workers to their teams.

Hiring remote global employees can be a daunting idea for many – but it does not need to be. Truss provides tech companies with a global employment platform and network that will help your company grow your team. Truss will find, recruit, hire, onboard, and manage remote employees in Uzbekistan and answer your questions every step of the way. If you have designs on hiring tech employees in Uzbekistan, we hope that this quick overview of what you need to know about hiring in Uzbekistan will get you started.

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Top 5 Things To Know About Hiring Remote Workers in Uzbekistan

U.S.-based tech companies that want to hire talented employees in Central Asia and Uzbekistan will be faced with a long list of questions and challenges. The better that you understand these things – local labor laws, average salaries, language barriers, employee benefits, and more – the better prepared you are to hire remote workers in Uzbekistan. Truss is here to help answer and address any of these questions and challenges.

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Here are a few questions that you may want answers to when you decide to hire remote employees in Uzbekistan.

1. What Languages Do They Speak in Uzbekistan?

Will remote workers in Uzbekistan speak English? Communication is a key to success in any business and U.S.-based tech companies that hire in Uzbekistan need to understand the language barriers. The majority of people in Uzbekistan speak Uzbek as a primary language and many more speak Russian. English is spoken fluently by an estimated 5.4% of the population – one of the highest percentages in Central Asia – and many in the younger generation are more adept in the English language. When Truss searches for candidates in Central Asia, we prioritize candidates that speak fluent English – allowing you to find the candidate with the right skills for your team. 

2. What Is the Average Salary in Uzbekistan?

We know and understand that employment costs are a primary concern for any business and it is information that you need to have when you choose to hire remote workers in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. With an emphasis in tech-based careers and lower employment costs, Uzbekistan provides companies with a great hiring opportunity in a growing market and the average monthly salary is an estimated $319 per month – much less than many countries. The average annual salary for a software engineer in Uzbekistan is $20,000 with more experienced software engineers earning an estimated $60,000 and more per year. U.S.-based software engineers have an average salary of $105,000.

3. What Are the Local Labor Laws in Uzbekistan?

Labor laws encompass a wide range of aspects of the employment process – probation periods, time off, holiday pay, maternity leave, paternity leave, work hours, overtime pay, termination, and more – and it is important for U.S.-based tech companies to understand the legal requirements that go hand in hand with a remote global team. Violation of local labor laws in Uzbekistan and Central Asia can result in financial penalties for U.S.-based companies that Truss can help you avoid. Truss is equipped to serve as your employer of record in Central Asia and help you remain compliant with local labor laws.

4. What Are the Employee and Payroll Benefits in Uzbekistan?

When you hire remote tech employees in Central Asia, it is important to understand the employee and payroll benefits. Like the United States, the standard work week in Uzbekistan is Monday to Friday and 40 hours. Overtime is capped at 120 hours per year in most industries and the mandated overtime pay rate is 200% of the hourly wage. Paid annual leave in the country is 15 days per year. Truss has created a Uzbekistan payroll and benefits guide to help inform potential employers about the ins and outs of remote employment in the country.

5. What Are the Employer Contributions and Tax Laws in Uzbekistan?

Employer contributions are important for any company to consider when hiring abroad – and it is no different when you hire in Uzbekistan. Payroll contributions for U.S.-based companies who hire employees in Uzbekistan add up to 12.1%. The majority of the contributions are 12% for Social Security – with an additional 0.10% contribution for employee pensions. Employers are required to pay an additional Social Tax of 12% in most industries. The employee payroll contributions total 6% with Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Housing Loan Regime, and Employee Training. 

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Why Choose Truss to Hire Tech Workers in Uzbekistan?

Are you not sure where to start the hiring process? Truss is here to help at every step of the process. The Truss Team will find and recruit qualified candidates for your position and provide the opportunity for interviews. When you have found the right fit, the Truss Team will help onboard and manage your global team – everything from PTO to payroll – no matter where you hire in Central Asia. 

We can help answer any and all questions you may have about the prospect of hiring in Central Asia. No matter what you need to know about hiring in Uzbekistan, we have the information, expertise, and platform that you need to drive success for your tech company.

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