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Are you a U.S.-based tech company that wants to add global talent to your remote team? With emerging markets across the globe and many countries putting an emphasis on the technology sector, there is no shortage of tech talent that will help you drive success – and yet you may not know where to start. You may not know where to look to find premiere tech talent. You may not know the employment obstacles you may face when you hire global talent. 

When you start the search for global tech talent, the first question you will face is – where? Is India the right place to hire software engineers? Is Brazil a good place to hire developers? Maybe Mexico has the IT professionals you need on your team? You may want to move Central Asia and countries like – Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia – to the top of your list. 

Truss is a global hiring and employment platform with an emphasis in tech careers and roots in Central Asia. Tech companies that want to know more about the top hiring markets in Central Asia can get the help and information they need with Truss.

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Where To Hire Tech Talent in Central Asia?

Central Asia is on the rise in the global market with the local governments actively looking for ways to improve the business environment in their countries – and many continue to see success. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia continue to move up world economic rankings in the last decade and have made the region attractive to investors, which in turn makes the region attractive to companies that want to hire remote workers. In the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Rankings, the countries of Central Asia continue to improve their ranking with Georgia as the regional leader at 7th and Kazakhstan moving from 49th to 28th.

Where tech industries are concerned, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia have transformed into hotspots for tech talent in Central Asia and the Caucasus. With internet penetration at all time highs in the region, a population of young, tech-minded people, and government programs that encourage investment by global tech companies and careers in the field, Central Asia has proven to be a great spot for tech companies to find, recruit, and hire remote workers with the help of Truss.

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Why Hire in Kazakhstan? 

Kazakhstan leads the way in Central Asia in terms of economic growth with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $220 billion. An emphasis on technology in the country is spearheaded by tech programs like Astana Hub and Astana International Financial Centre that promote investment by and collaboration with global tech companies like Apple, Google, and Meta. With an emphasis on IT careers in Kazakhstan, more and more young people in the country have the skills needed to hit the ground running with your tech company and with lower employment costs than many regions across the globe, Central Asia and Kazakhstan are a great place to find tech talent.

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Why Hire in Uzbekistan?

Do not sleep on Uzbekistan in Central Asia. Uzbekistan is home to more than 35 million people and claims a GDP of more than $80 billion with an impressive 78% internet penetration. A true emerging market in the area, the Uzbekistan government continues to emphasize the technology sector with programs that include IT Park and the One Million Uzbek Coders program – meant to encourage startups of internet tech companies and investment in local businesses. This all adds up to a wealth of tech talent in Uzbekistan that can help your business succeed. When you add some of the lowest employment costs in the region, it may be the perfect place to find the tech talent you need for your remote team.

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Why Hire in Georgia?

Located on the border between Central Asia and Eastern Europe, the Country of Georgia provides a wealth of opportunities for U.S.-based tech companies to find incredible talent. Employment costs in Georgia are an estimated 60% lower than Western Europe and software developers, QA engineers, data scientists, and DevOps engineers are just a few careers that are prevalent in the country. With an influx of tech talent from countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus in recent years, the country has seen a 30% increase in STEM graduates and more than 40% of the workforce has a college-level education. Additional reasons why Georgia is a great place to find, recruit, and hire tech talent include overlapping time zones with the United States, government initiatives in STEM fields, and an infrastructure that highlights technology.

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How Can Truss Help Tech Companies Hire in Central Asia?

Are you looking for the top hiring markets in Central Asia? We hope that this overview of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia has helped you see why the region is a great place to find remote tech talent for your company – but how do you find the right people? Leave that to us at Truss.

We have a global team at Truss with experience and knowledge about the region that enables us to find, recruit, and hire the individuals that you need for your team. No matter what position you are trying to fill at your company – from entry-level IT Specialist to Software Developer – we know where to find the perfect fit in Central Asia and we are here to help.

Even after you have found the perfect fit for your remote team, you may not know how to manage a global team in Central Asia or how to navigate the legal obstacles of hiring in the region. Truss can help. We provide onboarding and payroll support for your global team and can function as your employer of record in Central Asia to ensure that you remain compliant with local labor laws.

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