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Elevate Your Tech Hiring Strategy in the UK with Truss’s Nearshore Solutions

Choosing Truss as your nearshore tech talent solution offers UK companies numerous benefits. With only a 4/5 hour time difference, collaboration becomes seamless. Our talent pool from Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan, is not only fluent in English but also highly qualified and eager to work with UK companies.

At Truss, we simplify the process of hiring, managing, and paying global remote talent. This can be a game-changer for UK companies, offering significant cost savings and making it easy to scale development teams. In a world where finding good talent is challenging and saving money is rare, Truss provides a solution that accomplishes both.

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    Easily Hire Nearshore Tech Talent for UK Companies with Truss

    Top Talent in Untapped Markets, Aligned with Your Time Zone

    We excel in linking you with dedicated, long-term talent from rising, less saturated markets. With our IT partnerships and local know-how, we take care of the entire recruitment and vetting process, delivering you high-quality professionals at fair, competitive rates. Plus, our time-zone alignment ensures seamless collaboration with your team.

    Zero Upfront Recruiting Fees

    Stepping away from the norm of traditional agencies, we do away with substantial initial recruitment charges. Our pricing structure consolidates all expenses into a convenient monthly fee, encompassing our recruitment endeavors, device procurement, benefits, payroll, and ongoing support for your nearshore team.

    We Handle Payroll, Employee Benefits, and Local Employment Laws

    We skillfully handle the intricacies of international labor laws, contracts, and benefits for you. We take care of global payroll with a focus on compliance and precision, freeing you to concentrate on your primary business without any extra stress.

    User-Friendly Recruitment and Management Interface

    Truss’s platform eases the recruiting process, smooths the onboarding journey, and amplifies the management of your nearshore team. It enables effortless scrutiny of vetted candidates, seamless integration of new recruits, and delivers a comprehensive picture of your team’s vital statistics.

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    Fast-Track Your Nearshore Talent Search With Truss

    We help guide you through the entire hiring and onboarding process.

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    We Handle Payroll and Ongoing Support

    Full-Range Skills and Positions from Front-End to Back-End

    .Net Developer
    Graphic Designer
    UI/UX Designer
    SEO Specialist
    Product Owner
    Project Manager
    Full-Stack Developer
    Data Analyst
    C#/.Net Developers
    Dev Ops Engineer
    Solution Architect
    Senior Front-End Developer
    Junior Front-End Developer
    Python Developer
    React Native Developer
    QA Engineer
    React/Node.JS Developer
    Golang Developer
    Senior React/Typescript Developer
    PHP Developer
    Senior Azure DevOps