How are Truss and Lincoln Labs Related

We’ve talked a lot about Truss and who we are, the ideas behind our company, and how global remote hiring can work for you. We’ve even taken dives into topics as broad as what is an employer of record and as narrow as how to open an entity in Georgia. All that talking and we’ve only ever briefly mentioned Lincoln Labs. How are Truss and Lincoln Labs related? You can see the Lincoln Labs logo at the bottom of this page, but who is this mysterious entity? This is a mystery we can solve for you.

What is Lincoln Labs?

You don’t have to hear it from us. You can hear it from them over on the Lincoln Labs website. Though we may be us, we are also them. Confused yet? Don’t be. It’s actually quite simple.

Lincoln Labs is a tech collective. You’ve all heard about tech incubators, and Lincoln Labs sort of works like that. However, Lincoln Labs isn’t trying to grow several companies only to shove them out the door once they have a viable product. This is why the term incubator doesn’t really apply to Lincoln Labs. Here, we are all in it for the long haul.

What is a Tech Collective?

Each of our companies—or labs as we call them—doesn’t operate in a vacuum. We use resources from each other and often people who hold roles in one lab, hold roles in another lab as well.

Lincoln Labs org chart

This means as we are building Truss, we can rely on our other labs like Civille to build our website, Phantom Copy to help with content, or even AwesomeAPI to build any integrations we may need. In turn, all these labs rely on Truss to provide global resources for day-to-day operation. We don’t compete, we collaborate… unless we are playing foosball.

Will You Working Be With Truss or Lincoln Labs

Thinking about becoming a Truss client? You may be wondering who you will be working with, Lincoln Labs or Truss. The answer is BOTH! You are working with Truss, but you are also working with Lincoln Labs. Think of it as a two-for-one deal. You get all the wonderful experience of Lincoln Labs supporting you along with the expertise of the Truss team.

Why Did Truss Choose Lincoln Labs?

Really, Lincoln Labs choose Truss. You may notice that the founders of the two are the same people—Eric Hoopman and Farrukh Umarov. More to the point though, Truss gets to thrive at Lincoln Labs. Not only did we get to put our practices into place with companies that we are close to—literally we could kick them right now and we might have a drink later—but we also get to benefit from their experiences.

When Truss needed to implement an internal CRM system, we already had experts in Hubspot that could set us up and get us up to speed. When we wanted to ramp up this blog, guess what, Civille had already been running a successful blog for quite some time, and the people over there are marketing experts. Again, when we say over there, we mean that we could shoot a nerf dart in their direction right now, not that we would ever do that sort of thing.

Lincoln Labs also gives us an office to work from, trusted providers and partners to work with, and a whole slew of industry contacts to turbo charge our business. It’s nice being a start-up, without having to worry about all the distracting and tiresome things that a start-up normally has to endure to get going.

Being a part of Lincoln Labs lets us focus on the things we want to do and the things we are good at. For everything else, it’s plug-and-play. We are helping each other grow together. Like a collective should.

Why Scaling a Tech Company Requires Hiring a Global Remote Team

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