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In a global economy, businesses can find untapped talent across the globe in emerging markets that include Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Tech companies who are in search of talented employees – regardless of where they are located – can find incredible talent and opportunity in emerging markets and TRUSS can help with our innovative recruiting and human resources platform. The benefits of hiring tech employees in emerging markets are endless. Businesses who want to expand their business, hire talented employees across the globe, and improve their products may want to learn how to successfully recruit in emerging markets and with an innovative platform and recruiters in emerging markets, TRUSS is the resource you need.

What Do Employees in Emerging Markets Want?

It is important that tech companies who wish to hire employees in emerging markets understand what those individuals want from a career – which enables them to recruit and hire the most talented people for their teams. Here is a closer look at factors that potential employees in emerging markets consider when they are recruited for a career.

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  • Work-Life Balance – Employees across the globe want a job or a career that can support a healthy work-life balance. Companies, businesses, and corporations that are able to provide a work-life balance will have a better chance to recruit the most talented individuals in emerging companies.
  • Company Culture and Brand – Potential employees in growing economies want to work for a company with a positive company culture and brand image that welcomes diverse talent from across the globe. Employees in emerging countries want to represent a strong brand that is known for excellence and provides a level of pride to work for.
  • Training and Development – Tech employees in emerging markets want much more than just a job – they want a career and a chance to grow and thrive. Companies that provide employees with a chance to train and develop their skills, with opportunities for advancement within the company are more attractive.

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What Can Companies Do to Attract High-Level Talent in Emerging Markets?

Are you a tech company recruiting in an emerging market? With a better understanding of what employees in these economies look for, companies can employ strategies to attract high-level talent in burgeoning markets. Here is a look at what tech companies can do to recruit the best and the brightest individuals in emerging markets.

  • Create a Work-Life Balance – In a global economy, companies can be creative and innovative in how they provide a quality work-life balance for employees. Businesses can foster a fun work environment with team comradery that helps make work a little less oppressive. Employers that have the option of flexible working hours and remote work options may be more attractive to potential employees.
  • Create a Training Program – Many potential employees in emerging markets want the opportunity to advance within the company and a structured training program that is provided to employees and gives them the chance to progress in their career can make your company more attractive to high-level global talent.
  • Create a Local Recruiting Plan – When you recruit talent in global markets, it is important to recruit in ways that will reach those individuals on a larger scale and strategies used in the United States may not be as effective. Companies that are smart about how they recruit and understand what individuals in emerging markets will respond to most will have a better chance to hire those highly-qualified individuals. TRUSS has recruiters in emerging markets that include Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan that provide a more local strategy when recruiting talent.

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How Can TRUSS Help Recruit Employees in Emerging Markets?

Central Asia and Eastern Europe – Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan – are emerging markets in the global economy that can be overlooked. TRUSS is well positioned in those markets to hire high-level tech employees for your company. When you team with TRUSS, you do not have to be concerned about finding an employer of record, creating an international entity, navigating local employment laws, or creating a recruiting strategy that will find you the best candidates for your company. TRUSS will do it for you and help you build the best team possible.

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