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TRUSS is here to help your growing business. We provide a global HR and payroll platform that will make finding talent across the globe easier and more effective. Businesses that want to continue to grow their team and their platform are always interested in emerging markets and many want to know – what companies would be hiring in emerging markets?

The short answer – any business – small businesses, medium businesses, and start-ups that are interested in talented individuals to help grow their product and platform. Tech companies that are in need of software developers and software engineers in the tech sector may find those employees in emerging markets across the globe. TRUSS can help you find and hire those individuals in global markets that include Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

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Why Should You Hire Tech Employees in Emerging Markets?

An emerging market is most often defined as a – country or region that is undergoing fast economic growth – and that can be determined by examining the gross domestic product (GDP) and per capita income of the country or region. There is a misconception that many emerging markets have a poor infrastructure or poor education system and that is not the case – many of those emerging markets and economies are just overlooked in the global economy.

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The incredible growth of the tech industry means that there are talented individuals across the globe in these emerging markets and those undiscovered talents can be a tremendous advantage for small to medium-sized companies and businesses. They have the talent, ability, knowledge, and drive to be a valuable member of your team and it is up to us to help you find them.

Here is a look at how tech employees in emerging markets and economies can help improve your business.

  • Global Growth – Tech employees across the globe give you access to a larger talent pool and allow you to find talented individuals that can help improve your business and products. 
  • Diversity – When you hire tech employees in emerging markets across the globe, not only are you adding more cultures and values to your team, but you can diversify your investments and avoid drastic economic shifts in a single market. 
  • More Talent – Emerging markets in Central Asia – countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia – put an emphasis on the tech industry and many countries across the globe put an emphasis on software development, code writing and software engineering because they are global skills.
  • Desire – When you hire tech employees across the globe, there is a good chance that they want to work with a U.S.-based tech company and that drive will help bring out the best in them.

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Can Hiring Tech Employees in Emerging Markets Save You Money?

When it comes to business, the financial aspect is an important part of growth and many employers want to know – can tech employees in emerging markets save your company money? Yes. Hiring remote tech employees across the globe can help save your company about 30% compared to a traditional hire in the United States and you can find incredible talent with the help of TRUSS. 

How Can TRUSS Help You Hire in Emerging Markets?

When you want to hire employees in emerging markets and economies, you may need help to find the best talent and you will need an employer of record. TRUSS can provide the help you need to find and recruit tech talent in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, can act as your employer of record, and will provide your company with an innovative HR platform to help make your business run without pause.

Contact TRUSS today for more information on pricing for our platform and services!