Top 3 Software Development Hiring Trends in Central Asia

Need talent but can’t find it at home anymore. TRUSS and our founders have long been proponents of the often-overlooked talent available in Central Asia. We’ve employed talent in the region before, and we are employing talent there now. Not just for our clients, but for ourselves as well! With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 3 software development hiring trends in Central Asia.

A Look Back on 2022 With TRUSS

We can talk about the quality of talent in Central Asia until we are blue in the face. The truth is, that quality is hard to quantify until you’ve had a team member from the region actually on your team. Beyond quality though, let’s take a look back at our 2022 and understand some of the trends with real numbers behind them.

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1. Fast Time to Hire in Central Asia

Average time to hire for all positions is less than 30 days since they were opened and for some positions, it’s much less. Partnering with TRUSS allows your company to close positions faster and without as much time taken from your internal team. We screen and vet all candidates to ensure any candidates your team spends time interviewing are candidates worth your time and consideration. 

Take a look at how fast we have been able to hire in 2022:

PositionAverage Time to Hire
Junior React Developer (Frontend)2-4 weeks
Middle React Developer (Frontend)2-4 weeks
Sr. React Developer (Frontend)2-4 weeks
Software Engineer I (HTML/CSS/JS)1-2 months
Software Engineer II (HTML/CSS/JS)1-2 months
Sr. Software Engineer (HTML/CSS/JS)1-2 months
DevOps Engineer I (AWS)2-3 months
DevOps Engineer II (AWS)2-3 months
Sr. DevOps Engineer (AWS)2-3 months
Junior UI/UX Designer2-4 weeks
Middle UI/UX Designer2-4 weeks
Senior UI/UX Designer2-4 weeks
Junior React Native Developer1-2 months
Middle React Native Developer1-2 months
Senior React Native Developer1-2 months
Junior Java Developer2-3 months
Middle Java Developer2-3 months
Senior Java Developer2-3 months
Junior WordPress Developer2-4 weeks
Middle WordPress Developer2-4 weeks
Senior WordPress Developer2-4 weeks

How does hiring in Central Asia Compare to India?

2. Low Attrition of Hires in Central Asia

The tech industry has the highest average turnover rate out of any sector, at 13.2% (LinkedIn). According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the turnover rate for startups is double the industry average (so around 26%). 

Baiterek Tower in Kazakhstan

The attrition rate of TRUSS-hired employees in 2022 was less than half of the rate suggested by LinkedIn at 7.5%. 

We have seen employees land and expand with our clients as they are not only hardworking but loyal. Our team at TRUSS works with our clients to recommend career progression plans to keep attrition low and their employees happy and fairly compensated.

In 2022, 100% of our clients have come back to us to hire more… one of our clients is doubling their headcount with us first thing in 2023!

3. The Low Cost of Hiring in Central Asia

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a React Developer in New York City is $102,138. That’s a big investment, especially if you are a startup. TRUSS has helped hire React Developers for our clients at a third of that cost all while not sacrificing quality. Not only is that a great deal for you, but this wage also provides the employee with an above-average compensation package for their region.  

Tashkent Tower landscape picture

TRUSS democratizes hiring by providing employment opportunities in a region where talent is growing but local opportunities aren’t growing at the same rate. TRUSS allows companies to hire outside of the expensive box which contains the few top cities in the world.

Here’s some more food for thought about the region. In 2022, we saw Uzbekistan and Georgia become a safe haven for tech talent fleeing war. Thousands have decided to relocate themselves and their families to ensure their safety and even to avoid being called to fight in a war they do not believe in. These talented people are looking for jobs and careers that are not available to them in their new homes. You can help them while helping your business grow, and TRUSS makes hiring them easy. 

Goals: Becoming the Best EoR in Central Asia in 2023