EOR Provider in Georgia

What can an employer of record do for you? With TRUSS, we can get started hiring you a global remote team of developers today and among the countries we can offer is the booming talent market of Georgia. The country may be small, but it has impressive talent options and with TRUSS as your EOR provider in Georgia, we can get started building that team today. Learn what makes Georgia ideal and why an EOR is your best option.

Why Choose an EOR Instead of a PEO?

The TRUSS model is an EOR model or employer of record. To put it simply, we are the legal employer of anyone that is hired because we have an established entity in the host country, in this case, Georgia. Setting up entities in other countries is hard, can take months, and will cost thousands of dollars. Without an EOR that already has the entity for you, you’ll have to do all this setup before you can legally hire and pay anyone.

A PEO, or professional employer organization, does all the same things that an EOR does. They handle compliance, payroll, and more, but they do not have an entity. With the TRUSS EOR model, you can get started hiring today even if this is literally your first time thinking about hiring in Georgia.

How to Find the Right Employer of Record Service

Why is Georgia a Great Place For Global Hiring?

Georgia country scene

The country of Georgia is filled with talented people and according to some estimates, an astounding 80% speak English. That’s a higher proliferation of the English language than other popular remote work countries including India and Brazil.

Speaking English isn’t the only important aspect that you need in a global remote employee, but it is definitely a key factor. Lucky for you, Georgia has your other key factors as well. It has talent that is highly educated, loyal, and affordable. What’s more, it has talent that is actually available because unlike most of the rest of the world, much of the Central Asian region is actually undergoing a talent surplus in tech. This means that the ideal time to get in and start hiring in Georgia is right now.

How Does TRUSS Hire in Georgia?

When it comes time to hire candidates in Georgia, you are not on your own. We have our own recruiting team, but this isn’t your typical recruiting team. At TRUSS, we use a recruiting team that actually lives and works in Central Asia. This makes for a better understanding of the region so that we can find the perfect hires for you the first time.

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If you need a hire that can work specific hours or needs to have specific skills, our team will know how to locate that candidate and we will fully vet them before we bring them to you for your final determination. Using this method, we have been able to provide impressive time-to-hires, especially for tech.

Hire in Georgia With TRUSS Today

Does Georgia sound like the perfect match for you? Perhaps you are interested in hiring in other Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan? TRUSS can be your bridge to a global team. Let us support you with our full end-to-end HR platform. We are also available for partnerships with other EOR services. What are you waiting for? Reach out and start hiring today!