Time to Hire in Central Asia

If you are curious about hiring in Central Asia for any or even all of your open tech positions, then you are bound to also be curious about the time to hire in Central Asia too! Finding hard numbers about that is impossible, but we can tell you what our time-to-hire figures have been for various tech positions and we can compare it to current numbers coming out of the U.S. 

What is the Time to Hire for Tech Positions in Central Asia?

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As with time to hire times in any area, there is no simple answer to this question. It will always depend on the exact position, your specific requirements, the area you are hiring in, and what traits you are looking for in a candidate.

At TRUSS, we’ve helped companies hire for many different positions in many Central Asian countries including Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. The longest average time to hire for any position has been Lead WordPress developers which we were still able to achieve an average time to hire of just 25 days.

Remember, that 25 days is for a lead position. For a mid-level WordPress developer, we were able to cut that time in half with an average time to hire of just 12 days. Other average times for mid-level positions include 15 days for a .NET developer and an impressive 10 days for a Java developer.

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How Does Time to Hire in Central Asia Compare to the U.S.?

Obviously, when it comes to Central Asia, we only have our numbers to go by which are quite impressive. In general before the talent shortage according to GlassDoor the average time to hire developers was about 40 days. We cut that in half or better for positions we’ve hired for. However, currently, the U.S. has its pesky talent shortage which has doubled the time to hire for many positions. Most positions you can’t expect to fill in a month, much less two. If you are thinking about other regions, think again. Most areas across the world are also experiencing a talent shortage in tech. Central Asia is in the unique position of being one of the few areas in the world with a tech talent surplus right now.

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Why is Time to Hire Important?

It’s easy to try to minimize the impact of an increased time to hire, but the impact is felt across the whole company when the time to hire is too long. Morale will drop when people aren’t getting the help that they expect or were even told to expect, especially if you are asking people to cross outside their comfort zone to handle aspects of development that they were not trained to do.

What this often creates is a runaway problem where having a long time to hire for even one position can create a spike in turnover. With more open positions the burden on your existing team members increases which will only serve to increase turnover. Now the project delays that you were prepared to endure due to a long time to hire for one position turn into even greater delays and issues.

Start Hiring in Central Asia Today With TRUSS

Do you want to get started hiring and experiencing the impressive time-to-hire times for developers that we’ve had? Then all you have to do is reach out to TRUSS today! With our local hiring team, we can start getting vetted and reliable candidates in front of you as soon as possible. Of course, at TRUSS, we are here to SUPPORT you through the entire process. Not only does that mean finding the right candidates quickly, but it means helping you onboard, pay, maintain compliance, and retain. We are your end-to-end hiring solution in Central Asia.