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Are you a tech company on the rise? Are you looking for talented JavaScript (JS) developers to add to your team? Do you need talented developers that can hit the ground running with your team? Maybe it is time to look outside of the United States. You may want to hire JS developers globally and we can help at TRUSS. 

The global team at TRUSS can help you find, recruit, and hire talented JavaScript developers across the globe in countries that include Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan in Central Asia. You can rely on TRUSS to help you find the perfect addition to your team.

What Should You Be Looking for in JS Developers?

JavaScript is a complex scripting language used by computer programmers to create and implement complex and dynamic features on custom websites – a must-have for tech companies. The skills and knowledge implemented by JS developers is honed over years and it is important that you know what to look for when you hire a JavaScript developer for your team. 

Here is a look at the skills that a talented JavaScript developer should have:

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  • JavaScript – Developers should understand and be able to use the latest version of JavaScript to include variables, arrays, objects, functions, array methods, DOM manipulation, and more.
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a rule-based computer language that is used to help build web pages with defined style rules and create custom layouts.
  • HTML – HyperText Markup Language is the foundation of web pages and is used to create sections, paragraphs, links, tags, and attributes.
  • jQuery jQuery is a JavaScript library that allows developers to write less and do more. This code library makes it simpler to traverse HTML documents, manipulate HTML documents, handle events, create animations, and work with Ajax.
  • React.js – React.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that allows developers to create complex user interfaces and integrate those products into existing applications.
  • Node.js – Node.js is a backend solution that allows developers to work with microservice architecture and lambda expressions. Node.js is one of the fastest-growing tech segments on the market and is used by Netflix, LinkedIn, PayPal, and more.
  • TypeScript – TypeScript is an open-source programming language based on JavaScript used for frontend and backend development. It is used to simplify JavaScript code, create user interfaces, fix backend issues, and define overloaded functions and features.
  • Asynchronous Programming – This is a technique used by JS developers to enable a program to run a specific task and respond to additional tasks that can run in the background. Functions that can be enabled by asynchronous programming include making HTTP requests, accessing a camera or microphone, and asking a user to select files.
  • Cross-Browser Code Writing – Web developers want to ensure that a custom website or application looks great and works well no matter what browser is used. Cross-browser code editing is the process of using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more programming to ensure a product functions as it should across multiple browsers.

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Where To Hire JS Developers?

Are you looking for a web developer outside of the United States? Are you unsure where to start your search? If you are a growing tech company in the United States – it can be difficult to find JavaScript developers to fit your business – but your search for talented employees and developers does not have to end there. 

Tech companies have seen a shortage of talent in the market in recent years with just 65% of tech positions being filled in the U.S. market. The past few years have seen a lot of age-based attrition and many tech companies have been forced to layoff tech-based employees – which has created a lot of turnover in the market and fierce competition for tech jobs. 

Businesses who are in need of JavaScript developers, date scientists, IT security analysts, and statisticians may not find the talent they had hoped for in traditional job markets – the United States, India, and Latin America. With that said, Central Asia has become a hotbed for tech companies to find, recruit, and hire talented employees. 

TRUSS can help with that. 

How Long Does it Take to Hire a JS Developer in Central Asia?

Many companies we work with at TRUSS want to know how long it takes to find, recruit, and hire web developers in Central Asia. The time and cost to hire a web developer in Central Asia will vary based on your company needs – but we have been able to hire Mid JavaScript Developers in about 10 – 20 days with an estimated annual cost of $60,000.

Contact TRUSS for more information on position availability and price estimates!

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How To Hire JS Developers in Central Asia

Do you need help finding talented JavaScript developers to join your team? TRUSS provides tech companies with an innovative global platform to help find, contact, recruit, and hire web developers that will fit your team. 

We can help save you time and money at TRUSS when you choose to hire tech talent in Central Asia. We will function as the employer of record in countries like Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan to ensure that your company remains compliant with local labor laws and when you have found the right fit for your tech company, TRUSS will help you manage scheduling, onboarding, payroll, and more with our global platform. 

Contact TRUSS today to learn more about how we can help your company hire JS developers globally!