Hire React Developers Globally

Are you building your software or product using React? Do you need a React JS developer that can get to work on your project and get up to speed as soon as possible? Perhaps it’s time you explore your global options and consider hiring React developers globally. As always, TRUSS is here to support you. We’ll tell you what you should be looking for and where you should be looking to hire.

What You Should Be Looking for in a React Developer

Finding the right React developer for your team is more complicated than just finding someone who knows React. You are also looking for additional skills that a good React developer should have:

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  1. JavaScript ES6—Being able to use the latest version of JavaScript including variables and coping, arrays and objects, functions, array methods, event handlers, DOM manipulation will all be essential for a successful React developer.
  2. HTML & CSS—being able to quickly and effectively develop user interfaces through HTML and CSS is essential for any front-end developer and the same goes for React developers. A lot of this just comes with the territory.
  3. JSX—This is one of the more powerful syntax extensions in React. Luckily, most people with a firm grip on HTML and CSS will be able to use JSX effectively. Still, it’s a powerful tool that any React developer should have knowledge of.
  4. Git—using Git should be a part of every developer’s toolkit and a React developer is no different. It’s more than just basic use though. A good React developer should be able to track changes, handle branching and merging strategies, and handle merge conflicts.
  5. Redux—State management is important, especially on a project where multiple people perhaps even across multiple countries are working on the same project. Having someone with knowledge of Redux will be a huge benefit to any React developer

Where to Hire React Developers?

If you have already broadened your scope outside of the U.S., then the world is your oyster in a manner of speaking. You may have thought that simply by going outside the U.S., you are dodging the talent shortage. Think again!

Talent shortages, especially in tech, have been an ongoing problem even in markets where previously hiring was like flipping a switch. That includes areas like India and Latin America. One place where there isn’t a shortage is Central Asia. In fact, they currently have a surplus in tech.

There aren’t a lot of stats available in the area, but at TRUSS, we have over a decade of experience working with engineers, programmers, and software developers in the region. We can report low attrition rates, high levels of experience, and great English comprehension. You will not have to worry about a language barrier when you hire in Central Asia.

What is the Benefit of Hiring in Emerging Markets?

Salary and Time to Hire for React Developers in Central Asia

Through TRUSS, with our local recruiting team in Central Asia, we have been able to hire mid-level React developers with an annual estimated employment cost of $56,400. And our time to hire has averaged about 20 days.

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How to Hire React Developers in Central Asia

Did we convince you? Perhaps we haven’t convinced you yet, but we hope we at least have you thinking about Central Asia and how to go about hiring there. The answer is relatively simple actually, if you go about it the right way.

You COULD go through all the work and invest thousands in an entity to make it legal to hire in a country like Georgia or Uzbekistan, or you could work with an employer of record partner like TRUSS. We already have entities in place in Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, with more to come. We can set you up with an experienced React developer in no time.

You can reach out to TRUSS today to begin the hiring process. We can find a React developer in Central Asia that will meet your exact specifications, including having solid English skills and all the developer skills that you need. We would love to talk with you.