How Much Does it Cost to Hire Remote Developers?

Hiring anyone can be costly, especially in the realm of software development. You can look up costs for hiring a typical developer domestically, but what about remote developers or even remote developers in other countries? This leaves many startups wondering how much does it cost to hire remote developers? At TRUSS, we have answers for you.

Can Hiring Remote Developers Save Money?

The market value of domestic developers has been forever on the rise to the point now where it’s almost untenable for small companies and start-ups to rapidly expand without adopting an inflated overhead.

Remote work lets you source outside of the high-end markets in Silicon Valley or New York, but you can also take it one step further and go outside the country entirely. If you were already going remote, why not go global while you’re at it?

Is Hiring Remotely the Smart Move?

Remote Employee on a Zoom Call on Their Laptop

There are a lot of voices out there arguing for a return to traditional in-office work. Almost none of those voices have been backed by science. Instead, they point to an old way of thinking. Not only is there that old way of thinking to battle, but people who have a stake in office real estate have some real motivation to get everyone to stop the work-from-home “trend.”

There is also the myth that hiring good talent from another country is harmful locally, but here’s the simple truth, especially for a startup. If hiring a global remote team is the difference between you having a company that can support many jobs both locally and abroad and having no company at all, what is the better option for your local community?

Remote work had been here for quite some time, and the pandemic proved that it works and that it’s here to stay. Employees like it because it provides a better work-life balance, the environment likes it because it means less driving, and companies like it because it means less money spent on office space. For a start-up, it’s especially freeing and perhaps one of the most cost-effective decisions you can make.

How Do You Make a Distributed Team Work?

How Much Can Hiring Remote Developers Save You?

There are a lot of numbers floating around out there and deepening on your sources they may or may not be reliable. You’ve probably already dug into the fields where you need help and you saw how much it costs to hire for those positions in the U.S. Let us show you how much it costs to hire for some of those positions in Central Asia:

PositionTime to HireEstimated Annual Cost
Mid React Developer20 Days$56,400
Mid .NET Developer15 Days$54,000
Senior .NET Developer16 Days$60,000
Senior React Developer22 Days$60,000
Mid Java Developer10 Days$60,000
Lead WordPress Developer25 Days$33,600
Mid WordPress Developer12 Days$27,000

Why are we showing you Central Asia? It’s actually simple. Long ago, the founders of TRUSS recognized the value present in remote work from Central Asia so much so that they were able to build a multi-million dollar company with a remote team at its core.

Now, countries in Central Asia such as Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan are having a tech boom. You’ve heard about that talent shortage, I’m sure, well they haven’t. With a flood of highly educated migrants, many of the countries in Central Asia have more developers than they know what to do with. This is your chance to tap into that.

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Is Time To Hire Shorter For Global Remote Workers?

You probably saw it in the chart above. When you have an entity that you can hire through— which TRUSS can provide—you can get a development team for a great price and you can have a low time to hire. Much lower than the current time to hire for developers in the States. Locally, it will typically take you 2 months to hire for most development positions, if not longer. For most companies, that wait is too long.

Find Out What Your Cost to Hire Is For a Remote Dev Team

If you want some real numbers about specific positions that you are hiring for and want to know how countries in Central Asia will work for your business, then check out our Instant Salary Quote Tool. TRUSS can be your employer of record in Central Asia. With the use of our talent team in Central Asia, we can hire quickly and get your remote development team working as soon as possible. You can reach out to us today!