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Are you looking to hire overseas employees for your business, company, or corporation? You may need to consider the services of an employer of record when you hire employees around the globe and we can help at TRUSS. Businesses interested in employees in Central Asia and Eastern Europe may want to know – what is the cost of an employer of record service? 

We can help at TRUSS. We provide businesses with access to an innovative and proprietary platform to pair with an incredible team and employer of record services in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.

Contact the TRUSS Team today if you want to tap into the talent and potential of the Central Asian market!

How Much Does an Employer of Record Service Cost?

TRUSS may be the best when it comes to employer of record services – but we are not the only option available. Premier competitors in the market include Deel, Multiplier, Remofirst, Rippling, Oyster, Riverfront, and Velocity Global and each provides employer of record services. Prices for an employer of record will vary based on several factors and TRUSS promises a competitive price in the Central Asian market. Estimates for an employer of record tend to be in the $250 to $500 per month per employee range.

TRUSS charges $399 per employee each month. Deel is a premier competitor in the employer of record market in Central Asia and charges $599 per employee each month. Rivermate charges €499 per employee per month in Georgia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Multiplier has prices that start at $300 per employee per month and increase based on the services used. TRUSS provides a competitive price to pair with unprecedented services in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and additional Central Asian countries in the future.

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What Services Are Provided by an Employer of Record?  

A premier employer of record service has the ability to help your business in a variety of ways. First and foremost – an employer of record serves as the legal employer of a worker in a foreign country and takes on the responsibility of navigating local employment laws. Here is a look at more services that an employer of record – like TRUSS – may provide. 

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  • Local Government and Legal Compliance
  • Payroll Administration
  • Federal Regulation Compliance
  • Recruitment of Global Employees
  • Employee Hiring and Administration
  • Handles Employee Benefits and Compensation
  • Handles Parts of Human Resources – Hours, Sick Days and Vacation
  • Multiple Countries Covered
  • Data Security and Compliance

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Why Choose TRUSS as an Employer of Record in Central Asia?

When faced with all of these employer of record options, you may ask – why should I choose TRUSS as an employer of record in Central Asia? Businesses that want to tap into the talent of the Central Asian market will find few employer of record options that are better than TRUSS. 

TRUSS provides all of the benefits of an employer of record in Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Uzbekistan at a competitive price and we have a local team in the region that can help you find, hire, and employ talented individuals from across the globe. That is the TRUSS advantage. Members of the TRUSS Team who work and operate in the region have the expertise that businesses need to help find talented individuals in the tech industry who are the right fit for your company, business, or corporation. 

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Hire Tech Employees with TRUSS Today!

Are you interested in hiring tech employees in Central Asia? TRUSS is the platform you need on your side as an employer of record and we are here to help you and your business find talented individuals across the globe. Contact TRUSS today to learn more about the cost of an employer of record service in Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan!  

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