Hire Remote Talent From Central Asia

Let’s be real for a moment. Hiring out there is tough. Really tough. Perhaps tougher than it has been in quite some time, especially in tech. There are more tech jobs than tech talent in this country, and that has only served to create a race to the top. If you are not ready to pay dearly or accept sub-par talent, you are not going to have much of a domestic tech team. The solution: go global! That’s where TRUSS comes in. We can help you hire remote talent from Central Asia. You probably have some questions. We would too in your shoes. Why Central Asia? Why remote talent at all? What are the drawbacks? Let’s dig into those questions and more.

Why Hire Remote Talent?

If you are a start-up or a small to medium-sized tech company, you aren’t going to have much of a choice. You have to offer remote positions. People, especially in tech, want to work remotely. Almost no one wants to go into an office anymore and many are even requesting flexible working hours and the ability to not just work from home, but work from anywhere.

In truth, unless you are hiring people that are eager to break into the field or who are genuinely overjoyed to work for your company specifically, you are going to end up with a remote team anyway.

Why Look For Remote Talent Outside the U.S.?

If you are already going to hire remotely, then maybe it’s time you stop looking close to home or even within the borders of the U.S. You can save money, get a better team, and fill roles this month instead of next quarter.

Global remote work is sometimes associated with a bad reputation. People not doing their jobs well, high turnover, and even poor English skills. This unfortunate reputation often comes from jobs that were filled with hires in India and we have seen some of it firsthand. The solution to that is, don’t hire in India. This brings us to why we are enabling hiring in Central Asia.

Why Hire in Central Asia?

TRUSS may be a relatively new company, but our founders are no strangers to remote talent. When they set out on their first business venture together, they were looking for the right place to get their development team going. They found an abundance of untapped talent in Central Asia, and they not only built an amazing team that helped them realize a multi-million dollar company, but they also built lasting friendships and relationships with countless people in Central Asia.

5 FAQs About Hiring in Central Asia

Are There Drawbacks to Hiring in Central Asia

Is it perfect? No, but it’s often closer to perfect than you would get with a U.S.-based team. They speak and understand English, they are some of the best developers on the planet, and hires from the region have very little attrition. On top of that, you and your company get exposed to whole new cultures and viewpoints. 

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The two drawbacks that people often point out before actually building a global team from Central Asia are the English skills, which we mentioned were not a problem, and the time difference. The latter can be worked around however you choose and can even be an asset. Firstly, there are some developers that are willing to keep hours with some or complete overlap with hours we would keep stateside. However, this may be missing out on an opportunity as having developers that can work overnight—especially on a live product—means that any product downtime can occur when your clients are likely not using the product.

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How To Hire In Central Asia?

With TRUSS, we make it absolutely simple. We already have all the legal groundwork to employ people in Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan, with more entities set to open this year. We handle everything for you with our end-to-end solution. That means our recruiting team—which is located in Central Asia—can find the perfect candidates, vet them, test their English skills, and bring them to you for your interview process. Once hired, we manage payroll, local compliance, and general HR while you manage the team just like you would any other employee. It really is that simple.

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