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What is a PEO or Personal Employer Organization?

What is a PEO or Personal Employer Organization?

We’ve written a whole lot about the employer of record services or EoRs, but what about PEOs? What is a PEO or Personal Employer Organization and how is it different than an EoR? Does TRUSS offer PEO services? Let’s explore this topic and more.

PEO vs EoR

On the surface, both EoRs and PEOs allow you to do the same thing. They let you hire, often in international areas and they generally handle things like payroll, benefits, compliance, and tax filings. They both make employing people overseas easier.

Difference Between PEO and EoR


However, where an EoR is the legal employment entity, a PEO is not. This means that if you were to use a PEO service your company would still be accountable legally and when hiring abroad you would still be responsible for setting up a legal hiring entity in the country. Setting up such an entity can be a time-consuming and expensive process and it would have to be done for any country in which you would like to hire.

An EoR handles all of that for you. They are the legal employer of any team member that you hire. This removes most of the liability from you. However, with an EoR like TRUSS, you still don’t lose any of the control. You can still decide many things for your employees including hours, pay, benefits, and even termination. You still have to remain compliant within the country, but your EoR can ensure that you are.

How to Decrease Time To Hire

Is an EoR Better Than a PEO

For the most part, an EoR is just a better more comprehensive service than a PEO. Some EoR services can be more expensive than a PEO service (see how much we beat the EoR competition by in pricing) in the long run, but a PEO requires significantly more upfront investment and doesn’t offer nearly as much legal protection. A PEO is best for companies that have already set up an entity in the country in which they wish to hire but would like someone more experienced to handle payroll, compliance, and HR.

Where Can TRUSS Help You Hire?

At TRUSS, we firmly believe in the teams that Central Asia can provide. That’s why we currently offer our EoR services in Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan, with more of our entities opening soon in Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and Turkmenistan.

Though TRUSS is new, our founders—an Uzbek among them—have had years of experience building literally thousands of websites, and hundreds of apps and app updates. We know the value of a good development team and we’ve always had the best results that we could ask for from our Central Asian hires. Many have even found enough success to make the move stateside.

Can TRUSS Perform PEO Services?

If what you truly want is a PEO service, despite the advantages of an EoR service, then you should still reach out to TRUSS. We can likely make a deal and figure out the best way to assist your business in what it is trying to achieve.

Is There a Level Above an EoR the TRUSS Can Provide

What if you don’t really want to manage your team at all? You just have a project that you want to get done and you’d like to leave the management of that project team up to someone else. There, TRUSS can’t help you, but our sister company Accomplice can.

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