How to Decrease Time To Hire

There are so many tech jobs out there and not a lot of people to fill those roles. This sounds like it could make it difficult to hire, especially when you need to hire quickly, and it can be if you are going about it in the wrong ways. TRUSS can help you learn how to decrease time to hire drastically in the current tech market. Learn how!

What Are Tech Hires Looking For

Kate Junina

The employment market has always been competitive, and in tech, the issue is even more pronounced. You really have to meet your potential employees where they are, in some cases quite literally. If you aren’t already offering these things to potential employees, then you should be:

  • Work from anywhere
  • Flexible hours
  • Result-oriented approach

If you offer these three things, you not only become much more attractive to potential employees, but you also open yourself up to a whole new market. Before we get into that, let’s explore what each of these means.

Work from anywhere means you aren’t going to have your employees tied to a desk nor are you going to have them tied to a city or even a country. Hiring in another country can be difficult (more on that in a minute), but what’s stopping you from letting your employees work and travel at the same time. Candidates, especially senior ones, are eager to relocate to other countries or be able to travel a lot, and accommodate them when you can. 

That concept becomes easier once you provide flexible working hours too. It’s okay to have expectations, but does it really matter if someone comes in right at 8 or leaves right at 5? Be flexible and establish your expectations.

Now you may be asking, how can I do all that? My employees will be lazy! I’m going to have to institute time tracking and stay on top of them every day if I am going to get anything done. If that’s really true about a candidate, then why are you even hiring them? You need to focus not on what your employees do with their time but on results. Your employees will appreciate it and so will your candidates.

Broaden Your Search


You’ve been hiring in your backyard this whole time when there’s a whole world out there, and if you adopt or at least are open to the policies we mentioned above, well then you can hire across the whole world.

The job markets are going global as the borders between countries continue to dissolve across the globe. The only problem is, if you hire outside the U.S., you will have to set up a whole entity all on your own… unless you trust in an employer of record service like TRUSS. We can help you hire today in the emerging tech markets of Uzbekistan and Georgia. You can’t build a world-class team without hiring from across the world.

How to Make the Hiring Process Faster

If you are looking for additional ways to make the hiring process faster, consider the following.

  • Give prompt feedback—candidates choose from many offers and often accept one from the company with swift processes. The first to offer is often the one that gets the new hire.
  • Help with relocation—some candidates might be looking for a way out of their current living situation. If you can provide one, do so. This can be the icing on the cake for many candidates.
  • Provide transparency in all processes—guess what, candidates do not like hearing, “We’ll be in touch,” after their first interview. If you like the candidate, let them know, give them dates to look forward to, and when things change keep them in the loop even if they end up not getting the job, you never know if you’ll need their help down the road.