Why Big Tech Hires in Uzbekistan?

Why are companies like IBM, Deloitte and PWC opening offices and hiring in Uzbekistan? The answer is a combination of the high-quality but low-cost talent found there, tax exemptions and the country’s commitment to IT Education.

Quality Talent in Uzbekistan

TRUSS team members Nick and Julia attended forward fest in Madison,WI to share how Truss can help them hire quality engineering talent
TRUSS team members Nick and Julia attended Forward Fest in Madison, WI to share how Truss can help high growth companies hire quality engineering talent.

With Farrukh Umarov, co-founder of TRUSS being from Uzbekistan and building software teams there for over 15 years – our team can definitely vouch for the quality of talent in the region. 

Additionally, the Minister of ICT Sherzod Shermatov recently gave a speech where he said: “The quality is every bit as good as in India and the Philippines, two countries that have dominated the IT outsourcing market for decades.” 

All of the brands at Lincoln Labs and our clients benefit from the high-quality talent recruited from the region at a third of the cost compared to the US.

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Uzbekistan Tax Exemptions

“Currently Uzbekistan has the best proposition for IT companies in terms of tax benefits,” Shermatov said in an interview from Tashkent. “If you become a resident of our IT Park, you are completely free from taxes.” Wages for business process outsourcing jobs such as logistics are about a quarter of those in the US and significantly lower than those in India and the Philippines, he said.

TRUSS is a member of the IT Park in Uzbekistan along with over 800 other companies. We receive support and the tax exemptions allowing us to pass on the savings to our clients.

English + IT Education in Uzbekistan

With the help of the United States, Uzbekistan launched the English Speaking Nation program which spends tens of millions of dollars on raising proficiency in the language. The country currently has more than 30,000 English language teachers who receive US-funded training, and government officials are paid a premium if they speak English.

Additionally, the Uzbek government funds and supports the IT Park in Tashkent that is a haven for start-ups to grow and for young professionals to learn and grow in the IT industry.

Get started in Uzbekistan, TRUSS can help!

If you or your company is interested in hiring in Uzbekistan, TRUSS can help.  TRUSS is a great way for companies to dip their toe in the market to see if it is a good fit for their team. Our services allow companies to save the time and money it requires to open an entity in Uzbekistan in order to hire there. 

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