Will Hires From Uzbekistan Speak English?

Are you shopping around for where to build your team? Building a tech team in the U.S. or the U.K. is expensive, but building a team in Central Asia can let you save the money but keep the quality. If you are looking at places in Central Asia like Uzbekistan, then you likely have some questions including will hires from Uzbekistan speak English. We have your answers.

Is there a Language Barrier For Tech Hires From Uzbekistan?

When you are hiring for a tech position from software development to digital design, you will need to communicate and communicate effectively. This means you will have to have a shared language and for all but a few U.S. and U.K. companies, that language is going to have to be English.

At TRUSS, we have never had an issue finding English-speaking candidates in Uzbekistan. English may not be as common in the country as say Spanish is here in the States, but among tech workers, it is very common.

What are the Primary Languages of Uzbekistan?

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Did you know that Uzbekistan has its own language? Uzbek is the official language of the country and nearly 75% of the population considers Uzbek to be their first language. There are still many minority populations, especially in rural areas that count Uzbek as their second language.

Uzbek is an agglutinative language which means that suffixes with single meanings are attached to words often forming very long words that can be the equivalent of one sentence in English. A large percentage of the population is bilingual and English is growing in popularity, especially among younger citizens in the Tashkent region.

Hard statistics are difficult to come by for this, but that’s why you have TRUSS. As part of our vetting process, we ensure that every applicant can speak and understand English fluently.

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What Time Zone is Uzbekistan in?

Uzbekistan has one time zone across the country and it’s GMT+5. This is 10 hours ahead of the East Coast so when it is noon on the East Coast it is 10 p.m. there. On the West Coast, that difference is a little greater. When it is noon there, it will be 1 a.m. the next day in Uzbekistan. In the U.K. though, that difference shrinks to just 5 hours. When it’s noon there it’s 5 pm in Uzbekistan.

With asynchronous work and some applicants willing to work off hours, this time zone difference is rarely an issue and in some cases, it may even be an asset. Have you ever wished that you had a team that could update software while your clients and U.S. employees were in bed? Now you can have the skilled team that can do just that.

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Hire in Uzbekistan Today With TRUSS

Do you want to grow your team today with Uzbekistan hires? TRUSS is here to help. Not only will we ensure that you get the people that you want with the skills that your company needs, but we always want to make sure that any applicant is also a good fit and of course, that they can speak fluent English. Start building your Uzbek team and reach out to us today!