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Central Asia is an emerging economic market in the tech industry where many U.S.-based tech companies have found talented developers, engineers, IT professionals, and programmers to join their teams. Higher employment costs in the United States and a deep pool of tech talent in countries like Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan in Central Asia have made the region an incredible place to find, recruit, and hire tech employees to join a remote workforce.

Where do you start when you decide to hire remote employees in countries like Uzbekistan? TRUSS may be the perfect first step when you build a global workforce and we can help you find, recruit, hire, onboard, manage, and pay global tech employees. When you hire global employees, it is important to understand the different culture and how it will impact your team and we are here to help with an overview of Uzbekistan holidays for employers.

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How Do PTO and Holidays Work for Employees in Uzbekistan?

Tech employees in Uzbekistan celebrate different holidays and work different schedules than their counterparts in the United States – which makes it important for potential employers to understand how work hours, paid time off (PTO), holidays, sick days, and overtime work. TRUSS is here to help.

Uzbek employees are entitled to 21 days of paid vacation per year after they have worked for a company for more than six months. Minors and employees in dangerous careers may be entitled to additional vacation time. Employees who are sick must provide a medical certificate to their employer and cannot be terminated due to an illness and must be compensated by their employer. Sick leave compensation can range from 60% to 100% of the employee’s salary based on the sickness and employment status. Maternity leave for Uzbek employees is 126 days – 70 days prior to the birth of the child and 56 days after the birth – with full salary while on maternity leave.

Uzbek National Holidays

Here in the United States – we celebrate Christmas, Easter, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and more – but that is not the case in Uzbekistan and the holiday calendar is important to understand for employers. Uzbekistan celebrates 12 national and spiritual holidays that employers must be prepared for when managing a global team.

  • New Year’s Day – January 1
  • Day of Defenders of the Motherland – January 14
  • International Women’s Day  – March 8
  • Navruz – March 20
  • Navruz Holiday – March 21
  • Eid al-Fitr – April 9 to April 10
  • Remembrance Day – May 9
  • Children’s Day – June 1
  • Eid al-Adha – June 16 to June 17
  • Independence Day – September 1
  • Teacher’s Day – October 1
  • Constitution Day – December 8
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What Are the Minimum Wage and Work Hours in Uzbekistan?

U.S.-based tech companies have found that countries like Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan in Central Asia are incredible places to find and hire talented software engineers, developers, programmers, and IT professionals that will complete their team. But how much does it cost to hire an employee in Uzbekistan? TRUSS may be able to help answer your questions about wages and work hours in Uzbekistan.

Employees in Uzbekistan work a standard 40-hour work week that may be five or six days in most cases. Holiday and overtime limits are set by contracts and collective agreements prior to employment and most overtime pay rates are 200% of the employee’s wage. The average Uzbek salary reached a new high in the past year at 3,882 Uzbekistani So’m (UZS) per month – the rough equivalent of $319 USD per month. The minimum salary for employees in Uzbekistan is 980,000 UZS.

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How Can TRUSS Help Manage Tech Employees in Uzbekistan?

Minimum wages, salaries, PTO, holidays, sick days, maternity leave, and much more can make managing a global team more difficult for some companies – and that is where TRUSS can help.

TRUSS provides global employers with an innovative platform to help find, recruit, hire, onboard, manage, and pay remote employees. The TRUSS Team has first-hand experience in Uzbekistan and Central Asia that will help us find and recruit the tech talent that you need for your global team. We will help you onboard new employees and manage their payroll, vacation, and holidays as you work toward your goals. We will function as your employer of record in Central Asia and ensure that you are compliant with local labor and employment laws – no more worrying about Uzbekistan holidays for employers. 

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