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Your business has hired a global team to work with your team here in the United States. What happens next? We know that anytime you add new talent to your team, there is a transition period and team building activities can encourage creativity, connect remote teams, improve communication, build trust, boost motivation, inspire collaboration, develop confidence, and much more. 

We want to help you and your team succeed here at TRUSS – from hiring global talent in Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan to managing payroll and supporting your team. Businesses, companies, and corporations who wish to build a global team may benefit from this list of our favorite 10 minute team building activities for global teams.

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What Are the Best Team Building Activities for Global Teams?

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The benefits of team building activities are endless and most team activities can be done in your weekly standup, monthly company meetings, or team meetings. In a global environment where remote work is more and more common, team building activities are a great way to build team cohesion and camaraderie and many of these activities can be done via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Monday, and more.

Here is a quick look at a few favorite team building activities that you can do online with a remote global workforce.

1. Virtual Scattergories

Create a digital form for your team with prompts or use an online version of the game. Roll the letter dice or choose a letter and each individual comes up with creative answers to each prompt that start with the designated letter. A moderator can choose the best answers – or you can just sit back and have some fun. This activity is great for creativity and unique responses can highlight elements of each employee’s culture and life experiences.

2. GIF Parties

When you hire a global team, there can be a language barrier and GIFs are a fun way to communicate without language barriers. Have a moderator give your team a prompt and each employee submits a GIF in the chat that they think best matches that prompt. Fun prompts include your weekend plans, favorite movie or reaction to work events.

3. Guess Whose Answer

This team building activity is quick, fun, and a great way to get to know your global team members. Have a team leader submit a question and each member of the team will answer the prompt and submit their responses to the team leader. The moderator will then reveal the answers and the team attempts to determine whose answer it is. Make sure to use questions that will have a unique answer. This activity will get team members to think creatively and help them get to know each other.

4. Home Office Picture Challenge

A great way to get to know your global and remote team, this activity calls for each member of the team to send in a picture collage of their home office. The rest of the team will have the chance to guess whose office is whose. A different variation provides an opportunity for each team member to take their teammates on a virtual MTV Cribs tour of their home office. This experience gives you a glimpse into the interests, lifestyle and culture of global teammates.

5. Virtual Brackets

Use an online provider like to create a virtual bracket with fun topics like favorite foods, favorite restaurants, favorites celebrities, favorite sports teams, and more. You and your team will enjoy spending the time debating each contest in the bracket and get to know each other in the process.

6. Weekend in a Word

This team building activity may be the perfect way to start the week. Kickstart the week with a fun activity where each member of the team describes their weekend in a single word – and the same word cannot be used twice. To make the game more interesting, you can have the team go in alphabetical order, giving a word to describe their weekend that starts with the assigned letter. This is quick, fun, easy, and will help get the creative juices flowing on Monday morning.

We hope that this quick list of 10 minute team building activities for global teams created by TRUSS will help your team grow together and improve your business.

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What Can TRUSS Do for Your Business?

Are you interested in hiring a global team? The benefits of hiring talent in emerging markets are almost endless – but it can be a challenge for companies to find talented individuals who speak English. TRUSS provides an innovative platform for global companies that will help you find, recruit, and hire global talent. When you have added those talented individuals to your team, TRUSS will represent you as the employer of record, help you manage payroll, and support your global team.

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