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Do you have a global team? Are you hoping to hire a global team? Are you looking for ways to manage your global team? A true Human Resource Information System or HRIS solution may provide the innovative platform that you need to help manage your global workforce. When you are equipped with the right global HRIS, you can be a more efficient, effective and productive team – and TRUSS may be able to help.

If you remain unsure about a global HRIS solution, we may be able to help answer your questions and provide you with the proof you need that it is the right call. To help you make the right call for your business, we have created an overview of the benefits and features of a global HRIS solution here at TRUSS.

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What Is a Global HRIS Solution? 

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More and more companies are transitioning to a hybrid or remote business model and many U.S.-based tech companies are finding talent that they need in Central Asian countries like – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia. With the expansion of global remote workforces, communication and collaboration are at a premium and a global HRIS solution is a tool that you can use to improve business performance.

HRIS – stands for Human Resource Information System – and provides a suite of tools to manage human resources issues and payroll in a single comprehensive hub. A global HRIS platform is adapted to accommodate and take into account local labor laws and compliance requirements – no matter where your team is located. With a high-quality HRIS solution, you can eliminate many complex human resources and payroll tasks and put more focus on day-to-day operations.

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Top 5 Benefits of Global HRIS

  1. Universal Coordination – A true global HRIS platform implements country- and region-specific parameters that allow you to navigate local business structures, unique employment laws, compliance issues and more with a single solution.
  2. Integrating Payroll – When you have employees across the globe, it can be difficult to manage payroll and PTO concerns. A global HRIS solution will help organize, monitor, and manage payroll for a remote team.
  3. Global Hiring – There is an immense amount of tech talent in Central Asia and across the globe. HRIS platforms – like the one provided by TRUSS – can help you find, recruit, hire, and onboard software developers, computer engineers, IT professionals, and more across the globe.
  4. More Efficient – Handling HR and payroll paperwork for individual global employees can be a daunting task and can take a lot of time. HRIS platforms make handling day-to-day HR and payroll tasks more efficient by automating many aspects and providing all of the information and tasks you need in one convenient location.
  5. Improve Employee Performance – Do you ever get bogged down at work trying to handle too many things at once? A global HRIS solution can help eliminate many mundane, day-to-day tasks – which translates to improved workflow, more focus, and more time for more important projects.

Top 5 Features of Global HRIS

  1. Global Compliance – It is vital that a global team remains compliant with local labor and employment laws and a quality HRIS platform will provide you with simplified compliance features. The system you need should employ compliance software that can be applied to multiple countries easily.
  2. Global Onboarding – With diverse cultures, languages, and more, it can be difficult to onboard global remote employees. A true global HRIS solution will have an onboarding feature that helps you navigate language barriers, local compliance, local benefits, tax information, hiring paperwork, and more.
  3. Intuitive User Interface – Are you looking for a global HRIS solution that is easy to use? A high-quality HRIS will employ an intuitive user interface that is easy to use by all members of your team and will help you find and use all of the features that you need. 
  4. Employee Data Management – When you manage a global team, you are bound to encounter scenarios where you will need to access employee data. A Human Resource Information System will have secure access to employee data and custom reports that will help you better understand and manage your remote team.
  5. Scalability – Do you hope to grow your company and expand your remote team? A high-quality HRIS platform will be scalable to fit your needs and adapt to your requirements. The HRIS that you choose should have the ability to handle large amounts of data and teams that are in several different countries.

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How Can TRUSS Help with Global Human Resources and Payroll

Are you looking for a Human Resource Information System to help manage a global team? TRUSS may prove to be the perfect fit for you and your company. The TRUSS platform provides innovative software to help you manage internal HR tasks and global payroll for a diverse team that will help you ensure that your team is paid on time and on schedule. The TRUSS Team is in place to support you and your company – no matter where you hire your global team. We have the ability to act as your employer of record in Central Asia and will help you find, recruit, hire, and onboard premier talent in the tech industry with a global HRIS solution.

Contact the TRUSS Team today to learn more about the benefits and features of a global HRIS solution!