Best Ways to Hire Global Remote Talent

If you are no longer looking next door to hire your next team member, then perhaps it’s time to go global, but how do you even do that? There are several ways, but what are the best ways to hire global remote talent? TRUSS can help SUPPORT you with answers!

What are the Primary Ways to Hire Global Talent?

Excluding edge cases, there are primarily three ways that you can hire global remote talent. You can hire talent directly or you can utilize either the services of a professional employer organization (PEO) or an employer of record (EoR). Let’s dig into each one and help you uncover what might be the best option for your business.

Direct Hire

Direct hire is going to be the hardest option. This option can give you the most control, but it will require a significant time and money investment before you can get started. As its name implies, the direct hire model means you will be employing your global talent directly. This means you will have to go through the work to set up an entity, you will have to source talent, and you will have to ensure that you are following local employment and payroll laws while meeting the compliance standards of the country you are hiring in.

Who is this for: We recommend direct hiring for only large companies that want to maintain complete control over all aspects of their team. Due to the investment and the sunk costs you will have to invest ahead of hiring. Small and even medium companies should avoid this, and for many large companies, this still isn’t the best option as it lacks flexibility.

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Hire With a PEO

With a PEO, you still need to invest significantly by setting up your own entity within the country that you want to hire in. However, a PEO acts as a co-employer. They become your HR department for your global hires and they share in your liability. This is a good option for those that already have an entity in place as it makes handling the legal, compliance, and payroll aspects of your global team a breeze.

Who is this for: Medium-sized companies may seek this as an option if they are willing to invest in an entity or already have one in place and want to reduce the liability. If you are not willing to invest in an entity, then this option is not for you.

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Hire Through an EOR

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Don’t want to set up an entity? Don’t want to worry about liability, compliance, payroll, taxes, benefits, and everything else associated with managing HR for a global team? Then an EoR is the right option for you. Legally speaking, an EoR is the full legal employer of your remote hires. They have and maintain the entity, and they drastically reduce your liability by taking over all aspects of HR. You still get to manage your team, but an EoR takes care of all the stuff that you don’t want to worry about.

Who is this for: An EoR is for any company of any size that doesn’t have an entity in place in the country that they want to hire in and they want to reduce liability. This makes the EoR perfect for start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and even large companies. An EoR’s job is to make things easy and SUPPORT you, which is why the EoR model is the model that TRUSS has adopted.

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Build Your Global Team With TRUSS as Your EoR

Not only will TRUSS assist you with building out your global remote team, but our recruitment team is local to Central Asia where we do our hiring, meaning that we can tap into talent that others simply don’t have the know-how and the local expertise to find. Our hires always speak and understand English fluently and we can find talent with the right skills in any tech position. Dodge the talent shortage and hire affordably with the SUPPORT of TRUSS!