Let’s be honest, the term “expanding globally” used to be reserved for the giant corporations. These were companies that often had their foot in other countries already. These were big lumbering companies that grew globally only because they had to. That was yesterday’s world. Today, Truss is here to tell you that almost every tech company can and should experience the benefits of growing a global team. We know this because we’ve done it ourselves.

Global Hiring is so Hot Right Now

You fancy yourself a movement-maker, but what about your company? Is your company ready to join the movement of global hiring? Remote work has removed the shackles from hiring. There are a lot of talented resources outside of Silicon Valley. Now you can hire anywhere in the country, but why not go one step further?

A decade ago, there were a few forward-thinking companies that embraced the globalization of the modern workforce. We are not talking about simple jobs like data entry and picking up phones. We are talking about the hard stuff like software development. You don’t just want the best developers in the world, you need them, and they are probably not in your backyard, in your state, or even in your country. The truth is, if you want the best of the best, then you need to broaden your horizons.

Once you start cultivating your global team, things will never be the same. Your company will be nimbler, your software better, and your employees happier. In order to be successful in today’s tech landscape you need to put out new features just as fast as your clients are asking for them. Global hiring is in. Are you?

How to Make Global Hiring Your Thing

You want that world-class team, but where do you start? Literally, where? Did you know that some of the best developers are in Eastern Bloc countries? The skill and talent out of countries like Russia, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine are truly legendary, and you can literally put those skills to work for your company.

Let’s be honest, if you are still stuck in the rut of everyone coming into one office and working behind the same desks with the exact same hours, things are going to have to change. Building a global team means enabling remote work, offering flexible hours, and remaining open to new and innovative ways of collaboration. Don’t miss out on your team’s potential by limiting your hiring pool. There are thousands of viable candidates that you just never had the opportunity to consider before.

It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of a global team, but once you start building one, it’s the people you will fall in love with. For perhaps the first time, your company will have people that speak different languages (don’t worry, they speak English too), have new cultures, and offer unique perspectives to enrich your products and client experience. Even without all the other benefits, building a global team would be worth it just for that!

No Muss, No Fuss with Truss

Let’s be honest, building that global team that we’ve been hyping up this whole time is hard. Very hard. We know, we’ve done it, and that’s why we can help you. We’ve got all the hard parts covered. We’ve already invested in the entities that allow hiring in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and more to come. That’s not all though.

You know all too well that experience is worth a lot. Think about all the laws that we have in place in the U.S. that you have to navigate when you hire and employ talent. Every country has its own rules and regulations, and navigating them can be a headache, but we take care of that for you too. Truss handles HR, payroll, and compliance so that you can focus on building the best company you can with a truly world-class team.

Trust Truss. We believe in this model so much that we employ it in our day-to-day operations. Who do you think we collaborated with to build this gorgeous website? Our forms? And even our platform? We are part of the Lincoln Labs tech collective, and from the very beginning, that collective was built with a global team. Join the global hiring movement!