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  • Recruitment Agency in Kazakhstan

    Recruitment Agency in Kazakhstan

    Kazakhstan is a unique country. You may not know it from geography class, but it is the 9th largest country in the world and the largest landlocked country in the world. It’s also home to one of the largest pools of untapped tech talent in the world. If you would like to tap into that...…

  • Georgia Holidays for Employers

    Georgia Holidays for Employers

    The Country of Georgia – located on the border of Europe and Asia – has become a prominent player in the tech industry with a large pool of talented software developers, engineers, and IT professionals who many U.S.-based tech companies hope to hire. With the rising costs of employment in the United States and an...…

  • Recruitment Agency in Georgia

    Recruitment Agency in Georgia

    Sometimes people forget that Georgia isn’t just a state, it is also the name of a country that’s neatly situated on the other side of the world. Georgia, the country, is a beautiful place filled with unique sights, lovely people, and a surprising amount of tech talent. Perhaps you need a recruitment agency in Georgia...…

  • Uzbekistan Holidays for Employers

    Uzbekistan Holidays for Employers

    Central Asia is an emerging economic market in the tech industry where many U.S.-based tech companies have found talented developers, engineers, IT professionals, and programmers to join their teams. Higher employment costs in the United States and a deep pool of tech talent in countries like Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan in Central Asia have made...…

  • Recruitment Agency in Uzbekistan

    Recruitment Agency in Uzbekistan

    Finding a recruitment agency that can hire in India is easy, but when you have specific needs or are looking for better markets, India may just not be good enough. That’s when a country like Uzbekistan starts to look very attractive. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of recruitment agencies that operate in Uzbekistan. Lucky...…

  • Tech Workers For Hire in Central Asia

    Tech Workers For Hire in Central Asia

    You may not know it – but Central Asia is an economic hotspot for tech companies in search of talent. U.S.-based tech companies who want to expand to a global workforce will find the software developers, web developers, IT professionals, UI designers, UX designers, and more that they need to excel right here in Central...…

  • Tech Workers For Hire in Uzbekistan

    Tech Workers For Hire in Uzbekistan

    Are you a U.S.-based tech company in search of talent to add to your team? Central Asia and Eastern Europe – with countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia – are emerging markets for tech companies and are hotbeds of talent for companies looking to hire outside of the United States. Tech companies who want to...…

  • EOR Provider in Uzbekistan

    EOR Provider in Uzbekistan

    Are you looking for an employer of record service or perhaps even a PEO? Have you considered hiring in Uzbekistan? TRUSS is here to tell you that this is a wonderful idea and we can be your EOR provider in Uzbekistan. Learn what makes Uzbekistan so attractive and all about the benefits of working with...…

  • Best Way To Work With Teams in Different Time Zones

    Best Way To Work With Teams in Different Time Zones

    Are you building a global team for your business, company, or corporation? Do you have remote team members across the United States? When you manage a global or international team, it has its own set of challenges and time zones are a key concern. Many companies want to know – what is the best way...…

  • Tech Workers For Hire in Kazakhstan

    Tech Workers For Hire in Kazakhstan

    Are you a growing tech company that wants to hire and pay top tech talent around the world? Central Asia may be the perfect place for you to start and TRUSS can help you find the talent that your team needs in countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia. We know – it is not a...…


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