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  • EOR Provider in Kazakhstan

    EOR Provider in Kazakhstan

    Do you need to grow your team and are you considering global options with an employer of record? Have you considered Kazakhstan yet? TRUSS is here to tell you that Kazakhstan is an amazing option. We can be your EOR provider in Kazakhstan, and we can get started hiring today. Learn why an EOR is...…

  • Hire Software Engineers Globally

    Hire Software Engineers Globally

    Are you a growing company? If you are struggling to grow, there could be many reasons including a soft market, product quality, or a lack of funds. Some are even struggling to grow due to a lack of talent. Is that you? Are you trying to find the right software engineers but don’t know where...…

  • Tech Workers For Hire in Georgia

    Tech Workers For Hire in Georgia

    Home to the famed Silk Road – Central Asia has always been an economic hotbed at a global level – and that tradition continues in the modern era as the region has become a hotspot for tech companies who hope to invest in their futures. Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan are just a few examples of...…

  • EOR Provider in Georgia

    EOR Provider in Georgia

    What can an employer of record do for you? With TRUSS, we can get started hiring you a global remote team of developers today and among the countries we can offer is the booming talent market of Georgia. The country may be small, but it has impressive talent options and with TRUSS as your EOR...…

  • Hire UI Designers Globally

    Hire UI Designers Globally

    Are you expanding the development team at your tech company? Are you looking for talented User Interface (UI) designers to add to your team? Are you struggling to find the right fit here in the United States? TRUSS can help you and your company hire UI designers globally.  The cost of labor continues to rise...…

  • EOR Provider in Central Asia

    EOR Provider in Central Asia

    Do you want to grow a global team to help you with your product, software, or service? TRUSS is here to tell you why Central Asia may be the best place to get started. Learn all about the region, what the talent is like, and why an EOR is a better option than a PEO....…

  • Best Regions to Build Your Global Remote Team

    Best Regions to Build Your Global Remote Team

    When you are considering hiring a team or even a single developer, hiring stateside is a wearisome and costly task that has forced many to think more globally. We’re here to tell you that hiring a global team is the way to go whether it’s to augment your current team or build a whole new...…

  • How to Find the Right Employer of Record Service

    How to Find the Right Employer of Record Service

    When you choose to hire outside of your country, you will encounter legal obstacles that need to be navigated and an employer of record service – like TRUSS – may be the resource that you need. An employer of record takes on the financial and legal responsibility of employees in a foreign country and will...…

  • Reduce Time to Hire for Software Developers

    Reduce Time to Hire for Software Developers

    Do you need talented software developers on your team? Do you have a big project and deadline on the calendar? Do you need to upgrade your software development team as soon as possible? TRUSS can help you reduce time to hire for software developers in Central Asia that will add the talent you need to...…

  • Hire WordPress Developers Globally

    Hire WordPress Developers Globally

    The Internet practically runs on WordPress. Currently, it is estimated that 43% of all websites run on WordPress. By traffic, it’s estimated that WordPress has a 36% market share within the top 1 million websites. In short, this means that selecting WordPress as the backend for your website isn’t just a common choice, it’s the...…


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