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Are you a U.S.-based tech company with plans to go global? Are you looking for premium talent in emerging markets? Do you want to add global talent to your team of web developers and software engineers? Emerging markets – like Central Asia – are loaded with tech talent that can help your company grow and thrive. Truss can help you find, recruit, hire, and manage that talent.

When you hire in a different country, it is important to know and understand the local labor and employment laws to avoid financial penalties and fines for you and your company. An employer of record or a global staffing agency work on your behalf to create a remote and global workforce – but which option is the best fit for your company? Let’s take a look with this Employer of Record VS Staffing Agency comparison created by Truss.

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What Are the Differences Between an Employer of Record and Staffing Agency?

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Are you new to global hiring? You may be asking – what is an employer of record (EoR)? An employer of record service is a third-party provider that manages vital human resources and payroll components of a remote and global workforce. Truss is available to serve as an employer of record for U.S.-based tech companies that hope to find, recruit, and hire employees in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. Truss – as an employer of record – will ensure that you remain compliant with local labor laws in the country where you hire and allow you to put more focus on day-to-day business operations.

An international staffing agency is related in many ways to an employer of record – but puts the focus on finding, recruiting, and hiring global employees. In most cases, a staffing agency will handle hiring and salary negotiations for international employees, but does not handle human resources components, local labor regulations, or payroll. That lack of function is the key difference between an employer of record and an international staffing agency.

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How Does an Employer of Record Reduce Legal Liability?

A key component of a quality employer of record provider in any country is its ability to reduce the liability for your business. Local labor laws in Central Asia are not the same as here in the United States and minor infractions when it comes to payroll, payroll classifications, tax law, sick leave, paid-time-off, maternity leave, employee terminations, and more can result in financial penalties for your company.

Your employer of record should be an expert in the local employment laws in the country where you hire and will help protect your company from mistakes that will cost your company money. With labor laws always changing, it is important to have the knowledge provided by an employer of record on your side. 

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Why Choose Truss as an Employer of Record? 

Do you need help finding, recruiting, and hiring global employees? An international staffing agency may fit the bill. Do you need help managing a global workforce and its payroll? An employer of record is the answer. 

Truss is a one-stop shop for your global tech company in Central Asia. Truss has a global team with experience in Central Asian countries that include Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. The Truss Team has the experience you need to help you find, recruit, and hire the best tech talent available in the region. When you have hired the right people for your company, Truss has the ability, skills, knowledge, and experience to serve as your employer of record in Central Asia – to manage your international workforce and handle payroll. Truss is the best of both worlds in this Employer of Record VS Staffing Agency comparison.

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