Hire Java Developers Globally

Are you growing a company and looking to build software or even your product using Java? Then you need good Java developers that can get up and running quickly. This is hard to do in a talent shortage, but we will walk you through what you should be looking for in a remote Java developer and perhaps where you should be looking for the best candidates as well.m It may be time for you to hire Java developers globally!

What You Should Be Looking for in a Java Developer

Ensuring you get the right Java developer for your team not only means finding a good cultural fit, but you need someone that has the right Java skills as well. Here are some of the skills that you want to look for:

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  • Object-Oriented Programming—Object Oriented Programming, often shortened to just OOP is not the only way to program, but for a majority of Java projects, it should be the only way anything is programmed. Ensure that any candidates utilize this methodology in their code extensively if not exclusively.
  • Java Building Tools—There are a lot of Java build tools out there. Make sure that your candidate has a working knowledge of any tools you use. Maven and Gradle every candidate should be familiar with.
  • JVM Internals—Knowing JVM internals is key to building robust and fast Java applications.
  • Web Frameworks—If your application is mobile or eventually aims to be, then Java web framework will be an essential tool in any Java developer’s toolbox.
  • Code Version Control—Any applications, especially once multiple developers are involved, will need to have proper code version control. A working knowledge of version control systems (VCS) will be necessary.
  • Java Testing Tools—There are many Java testing tools out there, and candidates should have a great knowledge of at least a couple of testing tools. TestNG and Selenium are among the most well-known.

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Where to Hire Java Developers?

Of course, the U.S. has some great developers, but that comes not only with a price but a long wait time. The talent shortage is real and people are struggling to fill positions. Large companies can weather this storm, but if you are small and trying to grow fast, you may not have the time to wait.

The problem is that costs are rising everywhere. Even if you are looking to hire globally now, that does not just solve the problem because the shortage is everywhere too. Or at least, it’s nearly everywhere. Latin America, India, and most other go-to countries and regions for remote hires are experiencing the shortage too.

However, Central Asia has not only dodged the shortage, but they are currently experiencing a talent surplus. Many countries, including Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, have seen an influx of educated migrants all looking for work in tech.

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Salary and Time to Hire for React Developers in Central Asia

It’s hard to find publicly available numbers for this kind of stuff in Central Asia, but TRUSS is willing to share its own numbers. For a mid-level Java developer, you can expect a time to hire around 10 days. That’s certainly fast. What’s more, the estimated annual cost (with our fees included) is just $60,000. In the U.S., that number is going to be closer to $100k and you are looking at about two months minimum for a time to hire.

How to Hire React Developers in Central Asia

Here’s where things might get complicated depending on how you want to go about this. To hire in another country you need to create an entity which itself will cost you a couple of thousand dollars, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with local employment laws, and manage local compliance. In short, it will cost and it will take time.

However, you have another option. You can partner with an employer of record service also known as an EoR. With a service like this, everything will be arranged for you. No need to worry about local compliance or employment laws as your EoR will make sure everything is in order. They will also already have an entity set up for you, so no need to add all that wait time either. With a good EoR, you can start hiring today.

If you partner with TRUSS, we have entities set up and ready to hire in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. On top of that, we have a recruiting team that is local to the region which can help you hire quickly and effectively ensuring that only the best candidates get put in front of you. Reach out to us and get started today!