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Is your tech company searching for talented individuals to join your team? Are you not finding the talent you are looking for in the United States? It may be time to expand your search to the rest of the world and Central Asia is an emerging market that is loaded with talented software developers, engineers, IT professionals, and programmers that are ready to join your team.

Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Georgia continue to grow and flourish in the tech industry and many young professionals have the talent to work for your company. Hiring tech employees in Central Asia will add immense value to your company with a more diverse culture, lower employment costs, innovative talent, and much more.

Kazakhstan will check all the boxes for U.S.-based tech companies who hope to hire remote, global talent and TRUSS can help you find the right talent for your company. We have a global team and innovative platform that can help you find, recruit, hire, onboard, and manage talented tech employees in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. When you hire global employees, it is important to understand the culture of your new employees and we want to help with a quick overview of the Kazakhstan holidays for employers at TRUSS.

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How Do PTO and Holidays Work for Employees in Kazakhstan?

When you hire remote tech employees in Kazakhstan, it is important that you are aware of the different cultures to remain compliant with local labor laws and respectful of their culture. Holidays, paid time off (PTO), and vacation are important to your global team and it is important for many reasons that you understand the key differences between Kazakhstan employees and employees in the United States.

Kazakhstan employees are entitled to a minimum of 24 paid vacation days each year and that excludes national holidays. Tech employees in Kazakhstan are entitled to three paid sick days each year that can be increased to six days per year with a severe illness. Mothers are entitled to 126 days of paid maternity leave that includes 70 days prior to the expected due date and 56 days after the birth. Employees in Kazakhstan are also entitled to five days of unpaid leave for marriage, bereavement and other specific circumstances.

Kazakhstan National Holidays

Kazakhstan possesses a wealth of talent to add to U.S.-based tech companies and provides potential employers with a more diverse culture. Kazakhstan has 12 national holidays that employers need to be aware of and with a diverse and remote workforce that may include multiple religions, it is important to adapt to the holiday schedule. Here is a quick overview of the national holidays in Kazakhstan.

  • New Year – January 1 – 2
  • Orthodox Christmas Day – January 7
  • International Women’s Day – March 8
  • Nauryz Holiday – March 21 – 23
  • Kazakhstan’s People Solidarity Day – May 1
  • Defenders’ Day – May 7- 8
  • Victory Day – May 9
  • Kurban Ait – June 16
  • Capital City Day – July 6
  • Constitution Day – August 30
  • Republic Day – October 25
  • Independence Day – December 16
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What Are the Minimum Wage and Work Hours in Kazakhstan?

Many U.S.-based tech companies are finding that the cost of employment is higher in the United States and with a wealth of talent in Central Asian countries like Kazakhstan, it can be more cost effective for countries to hire remote workers in the region. The monthly minimum wage in Kazakhstan is 60,000 Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT) and the average monthly wage has risen to 342,083 KZT in the last year. With the current exchange rate, the average monthly salary for a Kazakhstan employee converted to U.S. Dollars is an estimated $720 per month.

When you add remote global employees to your team, it is important to understand how the work schedule will impact your business. Kazakhstan has a 40-hour work week for employees. Additional overtime must be agreed upon by the company and the employee and is limited to an additional two hours per day – and one hour if it is hazardous work. Overtime is limited to an additional 12 hours per month and overtime pay is 150% of the regular pay rate.

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How Can TRUSS Help Manage Tech Employees in Kazakhstan?

Are you ready to hire tech employees in Kazakhstan? The advantages are almost endless when you hire in Central Asia and TRUSS is here to help. We have a global team that has worked in Central Asia for years and is in place to help you find, recruit, and hire the right talent for your tech company in the United States.

When you have found the right fit for your company, TRUSS can help you onboard and manage your global workforce – to include managing payroll, paid time off, vacation days, and schedules. If you have questions about Kazakhstan holidays for employers, TRUSS is here to help. TRUSS also has the ability to function as your employer of record in Kazakhstan to ensure that your company is compliant with local labor laws.

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