Near Shore Remote Hiring for the U.K.

If remote hiring is something you are looking into, there is a lot to consider. In the U.S. many companies are looking for near-shore talent, that is talent that is not in the U.S. but still relatively close to where they do business. There, we would argue that making the jump to the preferred region of TRUSS—Central Asia—is still very valid, but if you have a business in the U.K. what are your near-shore options? Find out why Central Asia is a perfect near-shore remote hiring option for the U.K.

Why do Companies Seek Near-Shore Talent?

There are a lot of motivating factors that lead to companies picking remote talent options that are close to home, but often it comes down to the time difference. They want people working the same or nearly the same hours as them. We understand that desire, though there are some arguments to be made for remote talent that works a different schedule from the rest of your company such as having developers that can work on your software during off-peak hours, but more on that in a minute.

In the U.S., the near-shore options are obvious. With Latin America, Central America, and South America, you have talent markets that are often far away, but are close in terms of time zone. The U.K. doesn’t have nearly as many options. You can go to Eastern Europe, but often finding talent can be difficult, and saving money on talent can be rare. This is why Central Asia is such a smart move.

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What is the Time Zone Difference Between the U.K. and Central Asia?

map of Central Asia

With TRUSS, there are a lot of options that are open to you in Central Asia all without going to India as an option. In the country of Georgia, the time zone is 4 hours ahead of the U.K. In Uzbekistan, it is just 5 hours ahead. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan is large enough to be spread across two different time zones. The eastern half of Kazakhstan is plus 5 hours like Uzbekistan, and the western half is plus 6 hours.

With a time difference as little as four hours, that’s not too far off from U.S. companies working on the West and East coasts. In fact, Brazil, a popular near-shore talent option for U.S. companies, is five hours ahead of California. This overlap for a U.K. company means that you can still easily have a team that works your hours entirely or that works early.

Benefits of Asynchronous Remote Work

Asynchronous work, where teams work at different times but still work towards the same or similar goals, actually has a lot of benefits. Some of the benefits are small. For example, asynchronous work has been proven to cut down on distractions and also often improves communication during overlap hours as everyone has had time to think about what goals should be and how to achieve them.

One of the large benefits of having a dev team that can work off hours specifically is that they can perform software and systems updates/changes and handle downtimes during the hours that are the most convenient. The only thing better than an update that went smoothly with minimal downtime is an update that went smoothly and with minimal downtime in the early hours of the morning without any clients or employees noticing.

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Can Talent in Central Asia Speak English?

This is the most common question we get, and frankly, it’s understandable. If you do a Google search, you may find little to no data on the subject available, but we can assure you that there is plenty of available talent in Central Asia who are fluent in English. We would know. Our founders have been building teams out of Central Asia for over a decade. In that time, we have never had trouble finding talent that is fluent in English.

Get Near-Shore Talent for Your U.K. Company at TRUSS

At TRUSS, we believe strongly in Central Asia. Not only do we rely on development from the region to drive our platform, but our recruitment team also works directly out of Central Asia. This means we can put in the extra effort to find talent that others can’t. Reach out today, and find your next hire with the support of TRUSS. We are an end-to-end employer of record platform, so you can get started hiring today!