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Are you a U.S.-based tech company in search of talent to add to your team? Central Asia and Eastern Europe – with countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia – are emerging markets for tech companies and are hotbeds of talent for companies looking to hire outside of the United States. Tech companies who want to hire global talent may not know where to start and TRUSS can help you find tech workers for hire in Uzbekistan. 

TRUSS provides global companies with an innovative hiring and support platform for tech companies and we specialize in helping you find the tech talent that you need on your team. TRUSS can help you find, recruit, hire, and onboard talented tech workers in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. With a global team and experience in the region, we can help you add talented individuals to your team.

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Why Should You Hire Tech Workers in Uzbekistan?

We love Uzbekistan and its people here at TRUSS. Uzbekistan is an emerging market on the world stage with a projected economic growth rate of 5.7% and a promising outlook for tech companies in search of talent. The government continues to invest in tech companies and provide incentives for U.S.-based tech companies who hope to recruit, hire, and work in Uzbekistan. Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan provide companies with access to a wealth of talented software developers, data scientists, JavaScript developers, UI designers, software engineers, React developers, and much more. 

With the growing tech market in Uzbekistan, growing interest in the technology sector by younger workers, and government incentives for tech companies, Uzbekistan is a great place to hire talented tech employees in Central Asia. Here are a few more reasons why you may want to hire tech workers in Uzbekistan. 

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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Tech Employees in Uzbekistan 

Why do U.S. companies hire tech workers from around the world? It is a common question that many employees and employers ask and the truth is – there are more than a few reasons to hire tech employees in Central Asia and Uzbekistan. 

Spring in Uzbekistan
  1. Growing Talent Pool – The tech sector continues to grow across the globe and tech jobs are in high demand no matter where you may live. Pair that with a world that continues to rely on technology and a pool of talent that continues to grow, and emerging markets like Uzbekistan, provide an advantage to tech companies in search of talent.
  2. Cost of Employment – Tech companies that want to add talent to their teams with affordable salaries may want to consider searching outside of the United States. The average annual salary for an entry-level tech employee in the United States is $44,732 – while the annual average IT employee salary is about 1,360,000 Uzbekistani So’m with a conversion rate of $1 to 12,217 Uzbekistani So’m.
  3. Increased Productivity – Does your company need 24-hour coverage? Are you looking for a way to increase productivity? When you hire global employees who work in different time zones, you can provide support for your clients around the clock. This allows you to complete projects faster and serve more customers.
  4. Expanded Markets – Uzbekistan continues to invest in the tech sector and more and more global companies are investing in Central Asian countries. When you hire employees in Central Asia and invest in global markets, you have the opportunity as a business to expand your reach, expand your market, and recruit more talent.
  5. Create a Diverse Workforce – Global talent creates a more diverse workplace culture, which can benefit your company in a multitude of ways. Individuals from different countries and backgrounds may look at a project from a different angle that can help you find more creative and innovative solutions. The addition of global perspectives, ideas, and cultures also provides an additional intangible advantage to your company.   

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How To Find and Hire Tech Workers in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan – located East of Turkmenistan and North of Afghanistan – is home to more than 35 million people who live in an emerging global market. We have covered what makes a country like Uzbekistan an incredible place to hire tech employees, but that may not tell you how and where to start and that is where TRUSS can help.

TRUSS has worked, recruited, and hired in Uzbekistan and Central Asia for years and it gives us insight into the local economy and how to find, recruit, hire, and manage global talent. TRUSS has a team in Central Asia that can help you find the right talent for your company, recruit tech workers for your company, hire tech employees for your company, onboard them for your company, manage their payroll, and more. 

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