EOR Provider in Uzbekistan

Are you looking for an employer of record service or perhaps even a PEO? Have you considered hiring in Uzbekistan? TRUSS is here to tell you that this is a wonderful idea and we can be your EOR provider in Uzbekistan. Learn what makes Uzbekistan so attractive and all about the benefits of working with TRUSS as an EOR.

What is an EOR vs a PEO?

We have chosen the EOR or employee of record model for TRUSS because it just makes more sense than a PEO. With a PEO you have to have and maintain an entity in the country that you want to hire within, in this case, Uzbekistan. This involves a lot of legal red tape and adds a substantial setup cost.

A PEO or professional employer organization handles everything that we do except having the actual entity. Technically, under the TRUSS EOR model, we are the legal employer of your global remote team. You don’t have to worry about setting up an entity as we already have one. You just have to worry about managing your team and building the best product or service that you can.

How to Find the Right Employer of Record Service

Why Is Uzbekistan Ideal For Global Hiring?

Uzbekistan scene

Uzbekistan has so much going for it, and one of the things it has going for it is that you even have to ask the above question. Not many people or companies are looking to hire in Uzbekistan right now, but they should be. This has created a largely untapped market.

What else makes Uzbekistan so great? There is a booming tech industry in the country and the government is not only fully supporting the tech boom but in support of the remote model providing significant tax breaks in the field.

We’ve been using engineers and developers from Uzbekistan for years. They are smart, knowledgeable, fluent in English, and ready to work for innovative U.S. companies. Recently though, there has been an influx of migrant workers meaning that instead of a talent shortage like everywhere else, Uzbekistan actually has a talent surplus. The time to get Uzbekistan talent is now.

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How to Hire in Uzbekistan with TRUSS?

It’s easy to hire with TRUSS in Uzbekistan. You just have to tell us what you are looking for and our team will handle the rest. We will find candidates with the exact skills you need in any technical field and we will also ensure that they have solid English speaking and understanding skills all while ensuring a minimal time to hire.

How can we promise all that? For starters, we have been hiring in the region for over a decade and we know the secret to hiring easily in the region. It’s not that complicated. We employ a local hiring team that actually lives and works in the region. This allows them to navigate the hiring scene and get the best applicants to you.

Hire With TRUSS in Uzbekistan Today

With the help of TRUSS, you can quickly have a team up and running in Uzbekistan right away. We will source, vet, and hire candidates right away, and after we hire, we will continue to support you with our HR platform. Not only can we help you hire, but if you are an EOR service looking to expand into the region, we are ready to partner up. Reach out to us today!