Uzbekistan Payroll and Benefits Guide

Are you thinking about hiring in Uzbekistan? Learn how Uzbekistan payroll and benefits work. This will all be vital information as you add global talent from Uzbekistan to your team. Of course, TRUSS is also here to support you and our HR platform means you don’t have to worry about most of this. 

Uzbekistan Payroll Breakdown

In Uzbekistan, employer payroll contributions are 12.1% with the majority of that going to Social Security and the remaining .1% going into a pension fund. Employee contributions break down to 4% for Social Security, .5% for unemployment insurance, 1% for a housing loan regime, and .5% for employee training contributions (INCES) which all amounts to 6% total for employee contributions. Employees also pay a flat income tax of 12%. The national monthly minimum wage is currently set at 980,000 UZS.

Working Hours and Overtime in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, the work week can be spread over 5 or 6 days but consists of 40 working hours. All hours beyond that are to be paid as overtime. The overtime pay rate is not governed by law but should be stipulated in an employment contract and is often set at 200% of the employee’s regular pay.

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Uzbekistan Benefits Breakdown

Navigating the benefits of Uzbekistan isn’t terribly difficult, but you will want to ensure you are following all local laws and regulations. Don’t forget to put those Uzbekistan public holidays on your calendar either.

Time Off and Vacation in Uzbekistan

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In Uzbekistan, employees are granted a minimum of 15 days of paid vacation per year after they have completed 6 months of continuous employment. Sick leave with a valid medical certificate is to be paid by the employer at a rate established by their employment contract typically set between 60% and 80% unless the leave is work-related in which case compensation will be 100%.

For maternity leave, employees get 70 days of leave prior to the birth and an additional 56 days of leave after the birth. That is extended to 70 days in the event of multiple births or complications. There are no laws regarding paternity leave.

How Termination is Handled in Uzbekistan?

In Uzbekistan, the termination laws can be a little complicated. As far as notice, redundancy, and company ownership changes require 2 months’ notice, lack of qualification or health reasons require 2 weeks’ notice, and gross misconduct requires 3 days’ notice. You may also pay the employee in lieu of notice.

Uzbekistan also has mandatory severance pay that depends on the years of work experience. For 3 years, it’s 50% of the average monthly salary, for 3 to 5 years it’s 75%, for 5-10 years it’s 100%, for 10 to 15 years it’s 150% and for more than 15 years it’s 200%.

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