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Are you looking for talented software developers for your company? Are you struggling to find the right fit here in the United States? With the growth and success of remote workforces, you can expand your search for talented software developers to include the rest of the globe with the help of Truss. 

Truss provides you with the help you need to find, recruit, and hire software developers and engineers in emerging markets – like Central Asia. U.S.-based tech companies who ask about the best countries to hire developers will find Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia on the short list. Truss has the knowledge and experience to help you find, recruit, hire, onboard, and manage a global team in Central Asia.

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Why Hire Software Developers in Central Asia?

Did you know that the average annual salary for a software developer in the United States is an estimated $127,000? Tech companies that choose to hire in emerging markets will find a wealth of talent with more and more countries putting an emphasis on software development and engineering – and with current exchange rates in emerging markets, it means that companies can find impressive talent with lower employment costs. 

Tech companies interested in software developers in Central Asia will find an impressive level of talent that can compete with the talent in the United States. The people in Central Asia are driven to work hard, possess a high level of talent, and are excited to work for countries in the United States. A high percentage of English speakers and diverse cultures make tech employees in Central Asia a perfect addition to your company.

Here is a better look at why you may want to consider software developers in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.

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Software Developers in Uzbekistan

Located at the intersection of the Middle East and Central Asia – Uzbekistan is a hotbed of tech talent. Developers in Uzbekistan possess the knowledge you need with many experienced in JavaScript, React, UI, and much more. The country has put an emphasis on tech-based careers and the economy continues to grow, presenting an incredible opportunity for companies interested in a remote and global workforce. The average monthly salary for developers in Uzbekistan is estimated at $1,100 per month – but more experienced employees can make more with annual salaries up to $44,000 per year.

Software Developers in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is another country in Central Asia that continues to grow its economy with an emphasis on IT and technology industries. Kazakhstan is home to more than 10,000 tech-based companies and exceeded $1.35 billion in profits by tech companies in 2022. The focus on technology, cooperation with foreign tech companies, and a growing number of tech jobs make Kazakhstan an incredible place to find software developers in Central Asia. The estimated average salary for a developer in Kazakhstan is $46,000 per year with senior developers making more based on experience.

Software Developers in Georgia 

Are you looking to hire remote developers in a country that promotes economic growth in the tech industry? Georgia – located in the Caucasus Region – is an incredible source of tech talent with an exceptional education system with a government emphasis on technology. Lower employment costs, a large English speaking population, a convenient time zone, and a wealth of experienced software developers make Georgia a great place to hire. The average entry-level software developer salary in Georgia is an estimated $1,132 per month with more experienced developers earning an estimated $3,000 monthly salary.

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How Can Truss Help Hire Developers in Central Asia?

Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia have proven to be hotbeds for tech talent and if you want to build a remote global workforce – Truss can help. We have an experienced team located in Central Asia to help find, recruit, and hire software developers that will fit your talent needs. 

The benefits of choosing Truss do not end there. Truss can serve as your employer of record in Central Asia to ensure you remain compliant with local employment and labor laws. The Truss platform will help your company manage payroll, paid time off, sick leave, and much more that allow you to focus on day-to-day business operations.

Do you want to learn more about the best countries to hire developers? Truss has the answer right here in Central Asia – just contact the Truss Team today for more information on how we can help you find the talent you need!