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Many tech companies located in the United States have come to understand that there is a wealth of talent in emerging markets across the globe that is ready to join your team and contribute. With that said – you may not know where to hire and where to start – and that is where TRUSS comes in. TRUSS is here to help you find talented software engineers, IT professionals, network architects, web developers, data scientists, and software engineers in Central Asia. 

Central Asia continues to grow and develop and has become a hotbed for tech recruiting in the past few years. Central Asian countries like – Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia – possess an impressive amount of talent in the tech industry that is ready to compete with regions like South America, Eastern Europe, India, and Central America. If you are hiring global teams, this Central Asia vs South America comparison may help you make a decision about where to kickstart your global team.

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Cost of Hiring: Central Asia vs South America

South American countries like – Brazil, Argentina, and Peru – have been a source of labor for many U.S.-based tech companies for years. Increasing costs and a fading talent pool mean it is not as attractive anymore. Central Asia remains an untapped resource for tech companies that want to hire remote software developers and engineers with lower employment costs and an ever-increasing pool of talent.

Tech companies that are interested in high-talent employees and lower employment costs can look to Central Asia to find the answer. No matter who you are hiring or where you want to hire your remote team, it is safe to assume that employment costs and the cost of hiring are near the top of your employee wish list. Here is a better look at average software developer salaries in Central Asian and South American countries where tech careers are prominent.

Central AsiaSouth America
Uzbekistan – $24,000 USD Per YearBrazil – $50,118 USD Per Year
Kazakhstan – $33,323 USD Per YearArgentina – $38,514 USD Per Year
Georgia – $45,000 USD Per YearPeru – $30,000 USD Per Year

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Language Barrier: Central Asia vs South America

map of Central Asia

Is there a language barrier when you hire a remote global team? Communication is vital to the success of any remote team and it is even more crucial when you employ individuals from around the world and many companies are concerned about the language barrier. TRUSS works hand in hand with tech companies to find remote employees that speak proficient English.

The English-speaking statistics in Central Asia are impressive and make the region an asset for potential employers. More than 85% of Georgians speak English, more than 70% of Uzbeks are bilingual, and Kazakhstan ranks 45th in the English Proficiency Index with moderate proficiency. By comparison – only 5% of Brazilians are proficient in English, 42% of Argentines speak English, and 11% of Peruvians speak English.

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Talent Pool: Central Asia vs South America

The amount of tech talent across the globe continues to dwindle – due to many factors that include COVID-19 and economic events that have impacted the industry. A recent poll of tech companies by MIT found that 64% of potential candidates did not have the skills needed to succeed and that 56% of employers found a general shortage of applicants. Additional research estimated that 85 million tech-related jobs may go unfilled by 2030.

Where can tech companies find the talent they need? South America and Central America have been hotspots for tech companies who want to hire a remote team for years – but in recent years the number of qualified applicants has dwindled. Central Asia remains an untapped resource and investments in the tech industry by local governments and foreign-based companies has driven the level of tech talent higher.

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How Can TRUSS Help Hire in Central Asia? 

Does Central Asia seem like the right place for you to start a global team? TRUSS can help you find the perfect fit for your team. We have an experienced team in Central Asia that can help you find, recruit, and hire tech employees in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia that will be the piece you need. TRUSS can function as your employer of record in Central Asia to help your company remain compliant with local employment laws, can help you manage payroll, and can help you manage your remote team.

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