Build a Global Remote Team in Kazakhstan With TRUSS

The team at TRUSS has some very exciting news! Very soon, we will be able to offer our end-to-end EOR, hiring, payroll, and compliance services in Kazakhstan! Starting in 2023, you will be able to build a global remote team in Kazakhstan with TRUSS. Learn more about this beautiful country, its people, and why it is another ideal place to start building your global remote team.

What Makes Kazakhstan a Great Place to Build an Engineering Team?

Though Kazakhstan may have one of the lowest population densities in the world, the country is a front-runner in Central Asia. Not only does it generate 60% of the region’s GDP, but it also has some of the best health and education infrastructure in the region as well. 

Soyuz launching from Baikonur in Kazakhstan

If there was any doubt that Kazakhstan loves tech, the Digital Kazakhstan project has thus far automated 82% of its public services. Additionally, Kazakhstan is committed to developing a green economy that puts technology and renewable energy at the forefront of its economy. Kazakhstan is committed to hitting its target of 3% of its GDP in R&D, which would put it on par with that of the U.S., and its IT industry has been growing rapidly with government support.

Need more proof that Kazakhstan is a tech powerhouse? Do you know where the world’s largest spaceport is? Cape Canaveral may be your first guess, followed by “somewhere in Russia” but both answers would be wrong. When Kazakhstan was still part of the Soviet Union, the Baikonur Cosmodrome was built as the world’s first spaceport. Not only was it the first, but it remains the largest and is still in use today in Kazakhstan.

How Does Hiring in Central Asia Compare to India?

What Will it be Like Working With a Remote Team From Kazakhstan?

Though we haven’t officially opened our Kazakhstan entity yet, we can tell you from past experience with hires from Kazakhstan, that you will find Kazak tech hires to be passionate, loyal, and highly qualified.

Baiterek Tower in Kazakhstan

One of the first questions we often have is will my candidate be able to speak and write English. The proliferation of the English language in Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, is quite high. In fact, in the city centers of Kazakhstan, it’s estimated that about 30% of all people are fluent in English. That number is even higher when you get into tech hires, and, at least with TRUSS, we would only ever move forward with candidates whose English skills we were confident in.

On the financial side, you can take advantage of impressively low tax rates where the employer cost is between 16% and 21%. This is better than many other countries in the region making Kazakhstan a very affordable place to build a remote team.

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The TRUSS Advantage When Recruiting in Kazakhstan

Why hire with TRUSS in Kazakhstan? It’s simple. We have (or will have very soon) an entity in place that’s ready to be your employer of record. We have a recruiting team in the area that’s ready to vet and hire candidates. And, we offer an end-to-end service with the ability to hire, manage payroll, handle compliance, and more. The team at TRUSS is so happy to be opening an entity in Kazakhstan.

Hire in Kazakhstan With TRUSS