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Do you need talented software developers on your team? Do you have a big project and deadline on the calendar? Do you need to upgrade your software development team as soon as possible? TRUSS can help you reduce time to hire for software developers in Central Asia that will add the talent you need to your company.

TRUSS provides companies with an innovative recruiting, hiring, and management platform that will help you find software developers across the globe. We can help you find, recruit, hire, onboard, and manage software developers in Central Asian countries that include Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan

Contact the TRUSS Team today to learn more about how we can help you reduce hire times for your global team!

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Why Is Time to Hire Important?

Time to hire is defined as the time from when a job candidate applies for the open position and enters your talent pipeline to when they accept your job offer. When you track time to hire metrics, it measures how efficient your Human Resources (HR) team can be and it can be an important piece to the hiring puzzle. Time to hire will vary based on where you choose to hire and the positions you hire.

Why is time to hire important? It is a good question and one that we hear a lot at TRUSS. Did you know that most top job applicants will be hired in about 10 – 20 days from the time that they apply for a position? If your time to hire is much longer, you and your company may lose out on the most talented candidates and about 30% of job applicants lose interest in a position within a week. Businesses that reduce the time to hire can increase their chances of hiring the most talented individuals in your field.

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6 Ways to Reduce Time to Hire

A shorter time to hire can be an incredible benefit to your company and will help you hire talented software developers to join your team. TRUSS has the ability to help you find, recruit, hire, and manage developers across the globe and we are here to help you reduce the time to hire at your company.

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  1. Establish a Hiring Process – When your company has an established hiring process with a structured timeline, it allows you to stay consistent, determine what works best, and reduce the time it takes to find the right fit for your team.
  2. Identify KPIs for Your Team – Hiring metrics can tell you a lot about your process and by tracking key performance indicators like – time to hire, time to fill, and key touch points – you can determine what aspect of the process is slowing you down and address it to reduce the time to hire.
  3. Create a Talent Pool – When you have a talent pool established, it can help you reduce the time to hire. TRUSS is always searching for the best tech employees in developing regions like Central Asia and that talent pool can help you find great additions to your team faster.
  4. Create a Talent Pipeline – When you have established a talent pool, it is important to recruit and develop a talent pipeline to feed talented developers to your company and your talent pool. TRUSS has an established talent pipeline in Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan that we can use to recruit and hire talent for your business.
  5. Communicate with Candidates – We understand that trying to hire while you run a  business can be complicated, but it is important to communicate with potential employees. TRUSS can function as the intermediary between candidates and your company, to keep potential employees informed and interested.
  6. Streamline the Interview Process – The interview is a key part of the hiring process – but if you are not diligent and purposeful, it can slow down the time to hire. Use assessment software when needed to eliminate candidates that do not fit your company and eliminate unnecessary interviews to hire candidates faster.

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How Can TRUSS Help Reduce Time to Hire for Software Developers?

Companies that hope to hire in Central Asia and across the globe may not know where to begin. TRUSS can help. TRUSS has an established talent pool and pipeline in countries like Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan – which means you and your company do not have to start the hiring process from scratch. We can help you establish a hiring process for remote workers across the globe that will help you reduce the time to hire and when you choose a candidate, we can help you manage the onboarding process, manage payroll, manage paid time off, and much more.

PositionEstimated Time to Hire in Central Asia
Mid React Developer20 Days
Mid .NET Developer15 Days
Senior .NET Developer16 Days
Senior React Developer22 Days
Mid Java Developer10 Days
Lead WordPress Developer25 Days
Mid WordPress Developer12 Days

Contact TRUSS today to reduce time to hire for software developers in Central Asia and upgrade your talent and team!