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Are you hoping to hire software engineers, computer programmers, IT specialists, or remote software developers for your company? Are you looking for talent in emerging markets across the globe? Do you hope to build a remote workforce? Central Asia – and countries like Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan – is a hotbed for talented tech employees and is worth your consideration.

You may not know where to start to hire remote tech employees in Central Asia – but TRUSS has the knowledge, experience, and global employment platform that you need. TRUSS can help you find, recruit, hire, and manage remote employees in countries like Kazakhstan. When you hire remote employees across the globe, it is important to understand how payroll, PTO, and overtime pay work in those countries and we want to help keep you informed. 

Learn more about overtime pay in Central Asia with this Kazakhstan overtime pay guide created by TRUSS – and contact our team today to learn about our services and prices. 

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How Do Payroll and Overtime Pay Work in Kazakhstan?

TRUSS will not only help you find, recruit, and hire tech talent in Kazakhstan – we will help you manage your payroll. We can help answer questions about payroll and overtime pay in Kazakhstan and we are available to function as your employer of record in Central Asia, to ensure you remain compliant with local labor and employment laws.

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The workforce in Kazakhstan is paid on a monthly basis and the pay date can be set via a collective bargaining agreement or the individual’s employment contract. Employment bonuses are paid at the employer’s discretion. The monthly minimum wage in Kazakhstan is 70,000.00 Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT) – which is an estimated $152 U.S. Dollars per month with the current exchange rate.

Workers in Kazakhstan operate with a standard five-day, 40-hour work week, much like what you will find in the United States. Overtime must be agreed upon by the employee and employer in writing prior to scheduling and must not exceed two hours per day and 12 hours per month. When an employee chooses to work overtime, the overtime pay rate is 150% of the standard pay rate. Employees in Kazakhstan are entitled to a minimum of 24 paid vacation days each year – which excludes national holidays in Kazakhstan. 

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What Are Employer Costs in Kazakhstan?

There is more to consider than just payroll, vacation, and overtime pay when your company decides to hire in Central Asia. Employer costs, contributions, and taxes will vary based on where you choose to hire across the globe. TRUSS is here to help you better understand the employer costs and payroll contributions you will face when you hire a software developer, programmer, IT specialist, or software engineer in Kazakhstan. 

Employer Pay Contributions in Kazakhstan

% ContributionContribution Type
3.50%Social Insurance
3.00%Medical Insurance
9.50%Social Tax
5.00%Obligatory Professional Pension
16.00% – 21.00%Total Contribution

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How Can TRUSS Help Manage Payroll in Kazakhstan?

The TRUSS Team has years of experience in Central Asia and we are here to help you find the global talent you need – right here in Kazakhstan. We know it can be difficult to find the right individuals and talent to fit your workforce and we have the knowledge and experience that you need to find well-qualified tech employees in Central Asia. When you find the right fit, we will help you manage your global payroll. The TRUSS platform allows you to easily manage salary, PTO, sick leave, overtime, vacation dates, and much more – to ensure you do not violate local employment laws. 

Contact TRUSS today with any questions about our Kazakhstan overtime pay guide!