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Central Asia is an emerging market in the world that gets forgotten when U.S.-based tech companies search for remote software developers, IT specialists, software engineers, and programmers – but countries like Uzbekistan are growing into a global hotspot for recruitment. The wealth of tech talent in countries in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia is underscored by lower employment costs that many U.S. companies are attracted to.

When you hire remote tech employees in Uzbekistan – or other countries in Central Asia – it is important that you understand how the culture and the payroll work. TRUSS is here to help you create a remote, global workforce that will help your tech company succeed and we have created this Uzbekistan overtime pay guide to help keep you informed about how payroll works in this Central Asian country.

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How Do Payroll and Overtime Pay Work in Uzbekistan? 

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TRUSS is much more than a recruitment agency for tech companies. We provide a full suite of services for tech companies that hope to hire in Central Asia and across the globe. TRUSS will help you find, recruit, hire, and manage remote employees – and that includes handling payroll. We are able to function as an employer of record in Uzbekistan and it is important for international business to remain compliant with local labor laws – which includes payroll and overtime pay.

The Employment Act of Uzbekistan provides protection for employers and employees in the country, ensuring safe working conditions, a living wage, enough rest, and additional employment benefits. Key elements of this legislation includes a minimum wage of 920,000.00 Uzbekistan So’m (UZS) per month – which is enforced by the Government of Uzbekistan and translates to about $74.80 USD per month.

Uzbekistan labor laws have instituted a 40-hour work week and the standard work week is five days – but select industries may employ a six-day work week. Any hours over the standard 40-hour week are considered overtime and overtime limits are written into the majority of employment contracts and collective agreements. The overtime pay rate is 200% of the standard wage and is limited to 120 hours per year.  

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How Much PTO Do Uzbekistan Tech Workers Get?

Payroll and overtime pay are important to any business – but it is equally important to consider annual leave and paid time off (PTO) when you seek to hire a remote employee. Employees in Uzbekistan – full-time and part-time – are entitled to 15 paid vacation days each year. Employees with disabilities and under the age of 18 are entitled to 30 paid days off. In addition to paid time off, employers can provide up to 30 days of sick leave for employees with wages paid by the State Social Insurance Fund at a rate of 60% to 80% of the employee’s average income.

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How Can TRUSS Help Manage Employee Payroll?

TRUSS is here to help your tech company thrive and we hope to provide you with the best kept secret in the tech world – global talent in Central Asia. TRUSS has years of experience in Central Asia with finding, recruiting, and hiring tech talent to fit your team and your business. When you have found the right fit for your company, TRUSS will function as your employer of record to help you remain compliant with local labor laws and we will help you manage payroll, employee leave, and much more.

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