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Central Asia has become a hot spot for tech companies that hope to hire remote talent for their company and Uzbekistan is at the top of the list for many companies. U.S.-based tech companies that want to create a global and remote workforce are faced with a list of questions that they need to answer. What positions do we need to hire? Where should we hire? How do we hire remote employees? How much do we want to pay? 

These questions and many more are important to your hiring decision and Truss is here to help. Truss provides tech companies with a comprehensive hiring platform that specializes in finding, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and managing remote employees in Central Asia, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe. Truss has years of experience hiring talented tech employees in Uzbekistan and we want to answer your questions with a complete guide to Uzbekistan payroll and employer of record services.

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Why Should You Hire Remote Employees in Uzbekistan?

When you choose to hire remote global employees, the world is full of possibilities. You could choose to hire in many countries like Poland, Brazil, Mexico, or India where technology-based fields are prominent – so why should you choose to hire in Uzbekistan? We know when you take a closer look, you will find that Uzbekistan provides tech companies with a wealth of talent to choose from that would be the perfect fit for your team.

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  • Lower Employment Costs – Tech companies that hire in Uzbekistan can save money on salaries and employer costs when compared to the United States. The average monthly salary for a software engineer in Uzbekistan is an estimated $20,000 – compared to an average salary of $105,000 in the United States. Additional employment payroll contributions and costs are much lower in Uzbekistan, totaling 12.10% of the employee’s salary.
  • Access to Talent – Uzbekistan is an emerging market and much of the focus of the country’s economy is based in technology. With an emphasis on growing the tech industry in Uzbekistan, it has created a deep pool of talent with many interested in the idea of working remotely.
  • English Speaking – For many U.S.-based tech companies that hire abroad, the language barrier is a primary concern. The population of Uzbekistan has one of the highest percentages of fluent English speakers in Central Asia and English is spoken well by much of the younger generation.
  • Creates a Diverse Team – When you hire remote employees from across the globe, it creates a diverse team – both culturally and ideologically. Remote employees from Uzbekistan have different life and work experience that can help your current workforce grow and thrive. 

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Uzbekistan Employee Payroll and Benefits

We know you are concerned about your bottom line, and employee payroll may be at the top of your list when you hire remote employees in Uzbekistan. Here is a quick breakdown. The currency in Uzbekistan is the Uzbekistani Som (UZS) and the country has instituted a minimum wage of 980,000 UZS per month – which is the equivalent of $78 in the United States. The standard work week in Uzbekistan is similar to the United States with 40 hours in five or six days – with overtime and holidays. Overtime pay is 200% of the standard wage. Employees in Uzbekistan receive 15 days of paid vacation time per year after a six-month employment period. 

What Is an Employer of Record in Uzbekistan?

Does Uzbekistan feel like the right place for your company to start a remote team? You may not know where to start the process – and Truss can help point you in the right direction. An employer of record (EOR) is an efficient and cost-effective way to hire remote employees in another country. Employer of record providers – like Truss – work as a third party between employer and employee to ensure that the employment is compliant with local labor laws. The employer of record will handle employment contracts, onboarding, payroll, and more to ensure that everything is legal and compliant, from start to finish. 

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Why Choose Truss as Your Global Hiring Partner?

Uzbekistan presents an incredible opportunity for growing, or established, tech companies in the United States to find and hire great talent overseas. We understand that hiring in a foreign country can be intimidating and complicated – but it doesn’t have to be with the help of Truss. Truss provides a complete platform for finding, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and managing employees in Central Asia and countries like Uzbekistan. We have years of experience hiring in the region and want to help you as your employer of record provider, and we hope to help answer a few of your questions with this Uzbekistan payroll and employer of record guide.

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